Chief Crowley and Chief Deputy Drake spend Christmas staffing an ambulance.

Christmas in RA 900

Chief Kristin Crowley (front, center) and Chief Deputy John Drake (back row, left) visit with LAFD personnel on Christmas Day.

Photo courtesy Capt. Erik Scott

In an annual holiday tradition, LAFD Chief Kristin Crowley joined the ranks on Christmas Day to assist with staffing challenges and boost morale.

Chief Kristin Crowley and Chief Deputy John Drake inside Rescue Ambulance 900 on Christmas Day.

Chief Crowley and Chief Deputy of Emergency Operations John Drake worked Rescue Ambulance 900, serving LAFD Central to LAFD Valley locations.

We “activated Rescue Ambulance 900 … responded to calls, visited members and their families and transported (patients) to hospitals. Every day I’m grateful for the daily sacrifices of LAFD members.”