Center for Green Innovation adds new tools.

Charging Ahead

StreetsLA has begun a pilot program using electric cargo bikes to inspect bike lanes.

Photos courtesy StreetsLA

StreetsLA’s Center for Green Innovation, profiled in Alive! last year, has added two new tools in its arsenal toward sustainable energy.

Some of the 10 new BEAM electric chargers for StreetsLA’s yards.

First, StreetsLA has begun a new pilot program featuring an electric cargo bike for bike lane inspections. The initiative combines sustainability with efficiency to enhance the City’s infrastructure. Alive! expects these electric inspectors, if they progress beyond a pilot program, to play an even bigger role with the HLA proposal passing in last month’s election. HLA, a mobility plan, requires the City to prioritize a number of green features, including bike lanes, as it rebuilds its streets.

Secondly, in continuing to enhance electric power at its yards, StreetsLA has accepted an additional 10 BEAM EV charging stations. While not all of its yards have electrical charging stations permanently installed, these units can be moved from yard to yard to keep the division’s electric units charged.

Well done, StreetsLA.

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