Bonus Coverage of Baker to Vegas

Story and photos by Arlene Herrero,
Club Vice President of Business Development, and Daniel Wang


Here are even more photos from April’s Baker to Vegas footrace. Enjoy!

In last month’s Alive!, we brought you hundreds of Baker to Vegas Challenge Cup Relay images of City teams, teams the Club sponsored, and other teams.

But we could fit only a fraction here in print. So here are more! And make sure to check out all the photos and results in the online Alive!

The 39th annual Baker to Vegas Challenge Cup Relay was held from the desert to Los Vegas April 1-2.

This amazing footrace is an annual event for public safety organizations throughout the world. The relay race is a 120-mile, 20-stage footrace between Baker, California, and Las Vegas and is considered the “Super Bowl” of law enforcement; the champions are the best, in terms of physical fitness and logistics the police world has to offer. The race was created by and is managed by the Los Angeles Police Revolver and Athletic Club, and the Employees Club is grateful for their leadership.