Art at LAX presents its latest installation at LAX.

Space, at LAX

Your Body Is a Space That Sees, Lia Halloran.
Photos by SKA Studios, LLC, courtesy Airports and the LA Dept. of Cultural Affairs.

Airports/Cultural Affairs: LAX has installed its latest work, a continuation of Your Body Is a Space That Sees, in Terminal 2, level 3, through 2024.

The work, by artist Lia Halloran, continues the first part of the work, which is on display in Terminal 1, gate 9.

Your Body Is a Space That Sees combines ink and light to celebrate women’s contributions to science. The large-scale cyanotypes recall telescopic views of the night sky, captured in photographic emulsion on glass plates in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and used by a group of female astronomers to make extraordinary discoveries about the universe.

Enjoy the installations during your holiday travels.