Airports hosts executive leadership seminar.

From left: Sunday Adeoye, Financial Manager II, 27 years of City service; Rosalyn Wong, Dept. Chief Accountant, 20 years; Nerida Esguerra-Olivares, Director of Finance, 19 years; Vicky Rojas, Dept. Chief Accountant, 29 years; Vivian Howell, Acting Director, Risk and Insurance Management, 39 years; and Florinda Carlos, Information Systems Manager, 25 years.

Lessons in Leadership

On Oct. 31, Airports held an executive leadership seminar to provide ideas and colleague connection to further develop upper management’s leadership skills.

The seminar was held at the Sheraton Gateway Hotel near LAX and featured keynote speaker Paul Falcone, a lecturer on leadership development and author of 16 books on the subject.

The seminar aimed at motivating and encouraging executives; developing critical hiring, reskilling and upskilling; and creating workplaces where leaders keep their employees connected and engaged.

It was an opportunity for top executives and higher-level management to connect, collaborate and learn.

Congratulations to Airports’ Personnel Dept. for creating a successful leadership training event!

The Club thanks Ashley Quadri and Verneiza Benwikere for their invitation and assistance.