A Trailblazer Says Goodbye

Assistant Chief Beatrice Girmala retires after 37 years of City service.

Assistant Chief Beatrice Girmala

During the Police Commission meeting March 15, the Commission announced that Assistant Chief Beatrice Girmala, would be retiring by the end of March. She leaves the City with more than 37 years of City service.

Last year, she became the LAPD’s first female Assistant Chief to serve as the Director of Office Operations, overseeing the department’s entire patrol personnel.

Commissioner Eileen Decker said Girmala was the only woman in LAPD history to have held all three Assistant Chief positions during her career.

Assistant Chief Girmala retires as the Director, Office of Operations. As Director, she was responsible for overseeing four geographic bureaus that cover the entire City and all uniformed patrol resources. She also oversaw the Public Engagement Section, which emphasizes the department’s commitment to community outreach to include the Cadets, Reserves and Volunteers Unit, the Police Orientation Preparation Program (POPP) and Police Academy Magnet School (PAM).

Assistant Chief Girmala is a 37-year veteran of the Los Angeles Police Department. She is a lifelong resident of Los Angeles who enjoys the diversity and energy that define LA.

Assistant Chief Girmala graduated from UCLA with a degree in political science, public administration and public law, graduating with honors.

She began her LAPD career in 1985 and was first assigned to Pacific Area. Upon completion of probation, she was assigned to Van Nuys Area, and then Southeast Area.

In 1988, a Field Training Officer position opened at Hollywood Area, and dedicated eight years to Hollywood Patrol Division. In 1997, she achieved the rank of Sergeant and was assigned to Central Area before returning to Pacific Area.

Assistant Chief Beatrice Girmala (center) with Retired LAFD Chief Joe Castro (left) and the late Mr. LA, former Councilman Tom LaBonge, Club Member.

She returned to Hollywood Area in 1999, first as a Field Sergeant, and then as an Assistant Watch Commander, Sergeant II. In 2003, she was recognized by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce as a “Woman of Distinction,” receiving that honor for her efforts in Hollywood Area. The year she was promoted to Lieutenant and assignment to Hollenbeck Area as a Watch Commander, and then as Watch Commander in Central Area.

In 2006, she completed Command Development School and was promoted the following year to Captain in the Devonshire Area. She was promoted to Commander of Employee Relations Group in 2013.

In April 2015, she was promoted to Deputy Chief and became the Commanding Officer of Operations-West Bureau. During her tenure there, she oversaw the smooth implementation of the Digital In-Car Video system to all OWB geographic Areas.

In June 2016, after 31 years of experience with the Department, she was promoted to Assistant Chief.