3 Pass Away From Coronavirus

In the span of approximately two weeks, the City announced that three of its public safety employees – the LAPD’s Sr. Detention Officer Erica McAdoo and Officer II Valentin Martinez, and the LAFD’s Firefighter III/Paramedic Jose Perez – had succumbed to the coronavirus.

They were the first three reported deaths due to the virus among City personnel.

LAFD Firefighter III/Paramedic Jose M. Perez passed away July 25. He is survived by his wife and three children. Jose had 16 years of City service and was the first Firefighter/Paramedic at the LAFD to succumb to the coronavirus. He was 44.

Officer II Valentin Martinez, known as Val, of LAPD’s Mission Station passed away July 24 after a long, courageous battle with the coronavirus. He was 45 and had 13 years of City service.

Val was reported to have been anticipating the birth of twins with his domestic partner, Megan Flynn.

He joined the force in 2007. He was the first sworn Officer to die of the virus, according to the LAPD.

Sr. Detention Officer Erica McAdoo is first in LAPD to die of COVID-19

Sr. Detention Officer Erica McAdoo, LAPD, passed away Friday night, July 3rd of complications from the coronavirus. She’s the first in the LAPD to succumb to the disease, according to the department. She was 39.

Officer McAdoo was a Club Member.

“Today, the department lost a Sr. Detention Officer assigned to Custody Services Division after a valiant battle with COVID-19,” wrote Assistant Chief Beatrice M. Girmala, Office of Support Services, in a post on Instagram. “Facing every day with strength and extraordinary effort, the bar for facing adversity was raised in our colleague’s fight for life. She left us a hero.

“Please keep our sister in your thoughts and prayers, as well as her mother and family. The sky and heavens will shine a little brighter tonight, despite the sadness and shadow cast here on earth.”

She is survived by her mother, Donna Royston.

Flags in the California State Capitol flew at half-staff Monday, July 6, in Officer McAdoo’s honor.

The department had reported at least 320 cases of the disease among its employees at the time of Officer McAdoo’s death. Among those who tested positive, 254 are isolating themselves at home and 136 have returned to work, the City said.

Officer McAdoo appeared several times in the pages of Alive!, including at her academy graduation in November 2009.

The Club mourns her loss and wishes its deepest condolences to her family and colleagues. Rest in peace