3 Honored at Virtual Annual Meeting

Staff members honored as Club annual meeting goes virtual.

The Club held its annual meeting virtually during the week of Dec. 18. During the meeting, three Club staff members were honored with the awards, given each year to recognize excellent customer service.

The President’s Award for 2020 was presented to the Club’s Noelle Kauffman, Member Services Manager; Mariana Guevara, Tickets and Benefits Procurement Manager; and Dylan Noel, Club Counselor. The President’s Award is given to a Club staff member or members who have gone above and beyond the scope of their position. “In an improbable year, the Club has for the first time awarded this prestigious award to not one or two, but three staff members,” said Robert Larios, Club COO. “And for good reason.”

“Mariana, Noelle and Dylan have set the bar high for all employees of the Club by being an inspiration and an example for the rest of the staff,” John Hawkins, Club CEO, said. “But most importantly, they have given Club members the ultimate in customer service, allowing us to truly celebrate the work and lives of municipal employees. There is no question in our minds that they know how to Be Club. Thank you and congratulations to each of you!”


Noelle Kauffman and Dylan Noel

Noelle Kauffman
Dylan Noel

“For months, Dylan and Noelle trained staff and tested software to perfection so that Member Services staff could help employees electronically on Fillable PDF Application Templates, electronic signatures, and new mobile app software,” John Hawkins said in announcing the winners. “That gives staff the ability to send text messages to Members about important employee benefits and insurance by the hundreds and exponentially faster than texting one member at a time – things that were not possible before the pandemic. Those improvements are game changers in the way Members and staff members now communicate. Dylan and Noelle worked as a team to make this revolutionary shift when the health crisis blocked contact between the Club and employees from the City, County and State agencies across California.

“And special thanks to Noelle for leading the Club Care Calls Project. She took the project to the next level by leading the project that contacted all Club members – about 50,000 calls! She believes that every single Club Member is valuable, and that it was up to us to do everything in our power to protect and honor each of them. It’s the biggest outreach project in the 92-year history of the Employees Club.”

Mariana Guevara

Mariana Guevara

“Mariana Guevara is the third President’s Award recipient, and she is also very deserving of the recognition,” Robert Larios said.

“Mariana’s dedication to the Club shines brightly throughout the year, and even on weekends and evenings without dimming. Her exceptional work ethic, professionalism and relentless pursuit of adding more Club benefit enhancements over the years have made her an invaluable asset to the marketing department and the association.

“Although COVID19 has suspended most of the discounts offered through the Club in 2020, Mariana persistently reached out to all the different venues to obtain the latest news and insight that may affect our members. The relationship that she’s developed with her reps speaks for itself, as they are always willing to accommodate and at times bend over backwards for some of our Members’ special requests.

“In addition, Mariana took the initiative to push her comfort level to new heights by filming and editing videos, taking photos of new merchandise, and doing voice recordings to help create a calm and comforting tone for the Club’s phone system.

“With Mariana’s help, we have grown our ticket and discount benefits far beyond what we imagined when the Club first started. The Club is proud to have her on our team in its endless quest to enhance the work and lives of municipal employees in California.”