The Sequel: Calling All 50,00 Members

As a follow-up to last month’s history-making project when the Club called all Retired Members to make sure they were doing okay during the coronavirus pandemic – the Club is taking it one step further by calling all active members!

The Club’s “Care Calls” Part II is 50,000 phone calls to you, our Members. We care about you and want to make sure you have what you need during the pandemic crisis. At press time, we’re about halfway through.

Check out the list (below) to see the Club staff members who are making these important calls. One of them has called you (or will call you) just to make sure you’re doing okay.

Here’s Joe Bradley, retired, with rice and beans delivered by Club Store Manager Lupe Lira. (Lupe set down the rice and beans and then stepped back so that she could maintain six feet of social distancing.)

In March as the pandemic was taking hold, Club CEO John Hawkins heard in the media that some newsmakers were saying that the lives of seniors were not that important. That prompted him to engage the Club staff to call every Retired Club Member and let them know they matter, and then ask if they needed any supplies. Club staff quickly agreed.

Those 8,000 calls to Retired Members proved so meaningful that the staff kept on going, now calling the remainder of the Club membership. That’s about 50,000 calls total. Whew!

So far, the Club is providing groceries, masks, sanitizer and paper products to those Members who request them.

We’ll provide an update next month as the project gets closer to its conclusion.


Here’s What Members Are Saying

Here’s a sample of comments made by Club Members in response to the programs calling all Retired and active members.

“I am proud to be a Club Member! It’s all because of the staff that has been working to take care not only of me but all our Club Members!”

— Michelle Brown, Public Works/Contract Administration

“I’m really pleased with the staff’s efforts to not only get me what I needed, but to do so in a courteous and professional manner. My wife underwent successful surgery, and I feel extra-protected with future follow-up visits I’ll make to see her with the quality masks that you sent me.”

— Benjamin Jimenez, Retired, DWP

“I was truly impressed with the compassion of the City Club to call 8,000 Retirees to see how they were doing during this difficult time! It was truly touching to hear how the Club reached out and made them feel important. The Club has done a lot of wonderful things, but I find this very touching. Thank you for your kindness! Sometimes it takes unusual times to bring out the best in people, and the City Club is one of the best. Thank you!”

— Jean Sarfaty, LAPD/Communications


Meet the Callers

Here are the faces of the 32 Club staffers who are now calling you and all Members, in the biggest outreach project in Club history. Say hello!.




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