Scenes From a Pandemic: Part 6

Alive! continues its documentation of City employees as they take a multitude of measures to combat the COVID-19 pandemic and keep LA safe. (The first part was in our April 2020 issue.) Here are entries from the Club and the City Twitter feeds about City Employees and Club Members at work during this trying time.

The phrases indicated by a # or an @ are Internet search locators that work as shortcuts to help find desired locations online. We included that text here for completeness; if you want to see those locations, simply retype those phrases into your online browser.
LAPD Mission Station


“Sr. Lead Officer Crawford helped our friends Aaron and Leilani celebrate their birthdays! @CaptainCortezl @LAPDHQ @lapdovb @LAPD_ARCOS”

— Aug. 14

 LAPD South Bureau

“We caught our very own Commander @LabradaAl with the @LAPD77thST dream doing what they do best, #communitypollicing! Taco Tuesday at a #6feetaway distance with @StrongShoulder2 and giving people masks. #Stayhealthy @StayHomeStaySafe #InThisTogether”

— Aug. 5

Library/Christina Rice

“Went into @laplcentral today for the first time in over 4 months. I miss it so much it hurts and hope we can have a giant dance party with the public when it reopens. #feelslikehome”

— Aug. 5

LAPD 77th

“@LAPD77thSt had an eventful time at Harvard Park, partnering with 77th CSP and @GRYD_Foundation for Summer Night Lights Grab and Go food giveaway. We continue to provide support and resources during these hard times. Our community is never forgotten, & their safety comes first!”

— Aug. 1


#LADWP crews worked in 100+ degree weather to restore power to those affected by the extreme heat storm hitting CA. We encourage you to conserve energy to help out the state grid and reduce stress on our own neighborhood power distribution equipment. Thank you!”

— Aug. 15

LAPD Transit

“Footbeat Friday….okay we Footbeat every day but something about Fridays! #LAPDGoMetro #TSD #FootbeatFriday #Footbeat #NameThatStation #GoMetro #LAPD #LA”

— July 31

LAPD Mental Evaluation Unit


“Smart and Triage Desk, PMs is ready to respond to community needs. Ready to save a life. Deployed 24/7, clinicians and officers, partners in mental health. @LAPDHQ @LACDMH @NAMIGLAC @directorLACDMH @LAPDChiefMoore”

— July 31


“While you were asleep, our crews were up installing new striping on roads to improve safety and visibility. This year alone, LADOT crews have installed more than 650 miles of new road striping across Los Angeles.”

— Aug. 11