Play Is Serious Business

by Robert Larios, CEO, The Club

Robert Larios

We came to play, in the very best sense. And did we ever.

When Association President John Hawkins and I arrived at the amazing Octavia Lab makerspace, one of the Central Library’s newest offerings, we were set to discover everything about it. I can say that, after more than 200 Alive! cover stories, it’s different than anything we’ve encountered.

John and I spent many hours in the lab, hosted by the delightful Lab Manager Lauren Kratz, Librarian III, and co-workers Aldrich Linton, Elizabeth Williams and Richard Acero.

A makerspace is a modern workshop, a place to create using digital, computer and A/V tools. Do you want to make a podcast or a video? Take high-res photos? Print large-format images? Embroider a hat? Transfer those old media files you have to digital formats, preserving your memories? Yep, got that, and many more.

From left: Association President John Hawkins, Octavia Lab Manager Lauren Kratz and Club CEO Robert Larios in the makerspace lab.

The Octavia Lab believes that play is serious business, and I agree passionately. Mostly, the lab staff leaves you alone to discover your talents on your own. You do it yourself, and therein lies its magic. All I can say is it took Alive! editor John Burnes to urge us please to finish, or we might still be there.

The future belongs to those who make their own way. The Octavia Lab is ready to help make it happen.

I send special thanks to LAPL’s Krystal Ruiz for her assistance.

Rest in Peace

Chandra Mosley

We bid goodbye to two important Club Members who died recently and suddenly: Chandra Mosley, LADWP, Retired after 34 years of City service, who participated in many Alive! stories; and Dawayne Thomas, LADWP, 27 years, who created the popular LADWP Retirees group on Facebook.

Dawayne Thomas

In addition, I also mention Frank Christine, LADWP, who passed away last year after an astounding 59 years of City service. That is simply incredible dedication to the City of Los Angeles.

We pass along our condolences to their friends, families and former co-workers. May they Rest in Peace.

Worth Considering

Kindness is a mirror of character, a builder of bridges, and the heart of success and relationships – we truly become our best when we treat others with care.

In a world where talk is cheap, how we treat others says it all.

Finally, I suggest that you rest and enjoy life this August with your friends and loved ones. Fall and its many responsibilities will be with us all too soon.

¡Gracias por leer!