A Story in Steel and Glass

by Robert Larios, CEO, The Club

Robert Larios

Sometimes a building is just a building. To my way of looking at it, though, in the case of the impressive new Airport Police headquarters adjacent to the north runways of LAX, it signals much more.

The new building stands as a statement to dedication, growth and commitment. It signals a new era, a stepping up, for the Airport Police. Since the department’s founding in the 1940s, the division of Airports has counted dozens of buildings as its “headquarters.” As the division stood ready to move into the new building in early December, the Airport Police was scattered in approximately eight different facilities. They are now brought together into one (except for the dispatchers, who remain separate for technical reasons). This is a significant statement by the division, which grows more important every year.

From left: Chief Cecil Rhambo Jr. and Club CEO Robert Larios in front of the new Airport Police HQ in Westchester.

The Club congratulates Chief Cecil Rhambo Jr., the Airport Police and its many Club Members, on this fine achievement.

End-of-the-Year Laughs

Have you viewed our video, Say Yes to the Club, yet? (Find it on YouTube by using the QR code on pages 3 and 13.) Be prepared to enjoy numerous chuckles, but it carries an important message, too: 2021 was another pandemic year for us all, and we will always be there for you, our Members. Enjoy!

My Vision

As I listen to Club Members and learn the joys and suggestions you have for the strong future of the Club, I want to share in this space from time to time some of my vision going forward. It is my honor and privilege to be a part of an extraordinary organization that’s been on a 93-year mission celebrating the work and lives of government employees throughout California.
My first priority as the Employees Club of California’s President and CEO is to continue the expansion for growth so that members and their families get the opportunities to live good lives through our celebration and protection.

Goodbye Paul

As you might have seen on Club social media channels or here in Alive!, Paul Blount, Retired, Public Works/Sanitation and Environment, passed away in October. He was a recognized expert in mulch and recycling, and he served on our Club Board. He was also a good man – for the City in leading the way; for the country (he served in Special Operations for the U.S. Army during Vietnam), and for the Club. He was affable, gentle and warm when I met him off-duty, so to speak. We have lost a good one. Rest in peace, Paul, and thank you for your service.

A Toast

I wish Club Members a very Happy New Year. The world has been through two difficult years, and municipal employees have worked tirelessly to keep us moving forward, safely. I wish you prosperity, fun and purpose in the new year to come.