by Robert Larios, CEO, The Club

Robert Larios

It is not common that a story we produce is about one thing, but also about that same thing in a completely different way.

Such is the case with this month’s feature story about the Office of Historic Resources. They research and designate certain areas of the City as historically important, and then work to make sure they are preserved. The history of a city is a big part of its culture; we were happy to explore this important City office with Ken Bernstein, Principal City Planner.

But there is an additional historic twist to this story. You see, the interview and photos (excellent ones by our Summy Lam) are not from the present. They are actually from the past – 20 months ago, to be more specific. Does that sound familiar?

This story about the past was supposed to run in April 2020, meaning we produced it in February and March 2020. Everything closed just days after we completed photography because the pandemic started. We switched gears on a dime to bring you the breaking COVID story, and we parked this story until such a time we could bring it back. Here it is, and we are happy to bring it to you. (We updated it with Ken, of course, for this issue.) We hope you enjoy the time machine of our cover story, twice over!

Club Store Comes to You: The Club Store has what you need for your holiday shopping. And further, the Mobile Team is setting up visits at various locations throughout LA to bring your holiday shopping closer to you. The details are in the Mobile Team ad below. But, also follow us on social media for more current information. (We give a shout out to Lupe Lira, Club Store Manager, for her hard work bringing the Club to you.)

Century of Service: I enjoy perusing the retirement list in each issue for unusual careers. This month we have two: Norman Arikawa, Harbor, retires with an incredible 54 years of City service; and John Blair, City Attorney, retires with 51. They total more than 100 years – surpassing the Club’s very existence (93 years). Congratulations to Norman and John!

Finally, I wish a sincere and simple Happy Thanksgiving to our Club Members and their families. After the last 18 months we have all experienced, it is important to tell you that the Club is very thankful for you. I recommend we all stop and count our blessings. Enjoy!