Here’s a listing of all those who retired from the City this month.

To all we say, welcome to the Best Years!



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Abner, EricPower TransmissionDWPN/D
Acosta, LuisLieutenantAirports38
Aguirre, MariaCustodianAirports13
Alberto, ManuelPower SupplyDWPN/D
Barajas, IgnacioSpecial Programs Asst.Rec and Parks6
Beckles, RodneyNew Business Dev.DWPN/D
Benitez, RodneyNew Business Dev.DWPN/D
Book, LongfordWater QualityDWPN/D
Brink, MichaelEnviron. Chem. LabDWPN/D
Bustos, OscarFleet ServicesDWPN/D
Campadonia, FrankNew Business Dev.DWPN/D
Carranza, F. BennySt. Svcs. SuperintendentPublic Works34
Chisom, HenrySr. Systems AnalystController41
Chowdhry, AbidCivil EngineerPublic Works30
Clark, BrandtIntegrated SupportDWPN/D
Colorado, DinaSr. AccountantPublic Works17
Cooper, DavidRef. Collection Truck Op.Public Works25
Cornell, DavidSupply Chain ServicesDWPN/D
Correa, RobertSecurity ServicesDWPN/D
Czyznik, JeffreyMeeting ServicesDWPN/D
Dandridge, Rose MarieGardener CaretakerRec and Parks12
David, RichardEnv. Chem. LabDWPN/D
Davis, CraigWater EngineeringDWPN/D
Davis, JennieAdministrative ClerkLAPD10
De La Rosa, KeithDep. City AttorneyCity Attorney32
De Santos, MiguelSupply Chain ServicesDWPN/D
Der, AnnaProgrammer/AnalystITA30
Djansezian, VaskenCommnty Housing Progs.Housing19
Dunham, JanetSupply Chain ServicesDWPN/D
Embry, GarcelleDep. City AttorneyCity Attorney30
Evans, BillieSt. Services SupervisorPublic Works30
Feulner, StevenIntegrated Support Svcs.DWPN/D
Fong, ArthurSr. Systems AnalystLAPD30
Fonseca, HenryWater DistributionDWPN/D
Garcia, EnriqueSpecial Programs Asst.Rec and Parks7
Gutierrez, RobertLandscape ArchitectPublic Works29
Guzman, GregEquipment OperatorPublic Works34
Harper, DwayneTraffic OfficerTransportation30
Henry, VinaLegal ClerkCity Attorney30
Hidalgo, AnthonyWater DistributionDWPN/D
Ho, Kar YuiAirport GuideAirports5
Hudson, IvoryAdministrative ClerkPublic Works17
Hunter, PatriciaDep. City AttorneyCity Attorney31
Hutchens, StephenIntegrated Support Svcs.DWPN/D
Inez, GregoryNew Business Dev.DWPN/D
Jackson, MichaelWater OperationsDWPN/D
Johnson, FranciscoFleet ServicesDWPN/D
Johnson, SteveCustomer ServiceDWPN/D
Kaufman, EdwardGardener CaretakerRec and Parks23
Khajavi, MohammadPower TransmissionDWPN/D
Khineche, AbdelkaderGeo. Info. Systems Sup.Airports28
Kim, PeterSr. Structural EngineerBldg. and Safety31
Kwong, Kin WahCivil Engineer Draft TechHarbor17
Ledesma, ArthurIntegrated Support Serv.DWPN/D
Lewis, JohnGeneral ManagerZoo15
Lin, FrankSr. Systems AnalystCAO28
Lopez, VirginiaWater OperationsDWPN/D
Luevano, CarlosSupply Chain ServicesDWPN/D
Lumbang, MilagrosSupl. Svcs. Payment ClerkGeneral Services24
Mabie, WilliamCouncil AideCouncil27
Mallon, MichaelPower SupplyDWPN/D
Marquez, JaimePower SupplyDWPN/D
Mayer, RichardEnvironmental EngineerPublic Works27
McDade, SimoneManagement AnalystLAPD34
Mepham, JohnConstruction InspectorHarbor30
Montalvo-Jimenez, CynthiaCustomer ServiceDWPN/D
Nakasone, CandaceSr. Administrative ClerkPublic Works41
Nishimura, PeterRec. Facilities DirectorRec and Parks15
Orme, VincentComms. ElectricianLAPD21
Osborne, LeonardWater SupplyDWPN/D
Patterson, GeoffreyMotor Sweeper Op.Public Works12
Perez, ManuelGardener CaretakerRec and Parks12
Perry, JanGeneral ManagerEcon./Wkfrc Dev.28
Phipps, JosephPower TransmissionDWPN/D
Potthoff, JoyceAdmin. ClerkLibrary19
Ripalda, WalfredoBldg. Operating EngineerGeneral Services10
Rodriguez, AguedaSecretaryLAFD38
Roybal, KennthBkgrnd. InvestigatorPersonnel12
Sanchez, JoeyIntegrated Support Serv.DWPN/D
Seller, WilaiwanWater EngineeringDWPN/D
Shafik, TawfikSurvey Party ChiefPublic Works30
Shimoji, StanleyLight Equipment Op.Zoo30
Sinclair, MortimerSupply ChainDWPN/D
Smith, HermanElectricianGeneral Services12
Smith, WandaCommun. Info. Rep.Public Works17
Stahoski, SylviaPr. ClerkCity Attorney44
Streator, CharlesGardener CaretakerRec and Parks25
Tapia, ClarkMaintenance LaborerPublic Works31
Tso, KennethDep. City AttorneyCity Attorney30
Vasquez, JohnITSDWPN/D
Wang, JenniferITSDWPN/D
West, DouglasFleet ServicesDWPN/D
Williams, HenryPower SupplyDWPN/D
Williams, InezFacilities DirectorRec and Parks29
Zesati, Manuel del VillarCookRec and Parks16
Zoller, JayMetering ServicesDWPN/D