Lifes Moments: Retirements Listing May 2024

Below is a listing of those who Retired from the City. To all we say, welcome to the best years!

We honor the people who have spent their working lives building, managing and imagining a better LA, and are now Retired. We thank and appreciate all you have done!

Note: If you wish to have a listing deleted from our online posting of Retirement notices, please email us at, stating the name and department of the Retired person. The request must come from the actual Retired person. We derive our lists from official public records provided by the City and LADWP.


You can click on the arrows in the top row to sort by NAME, TITLE, DEPARTMENT or YEARS OF SERVICE. View 10, 25, 50 or 100 per page by clicking on Show Entries.

Aguayo, Marisela M.Police Service RepLAPD30
Alaniz, Yolanda J.Sr. Admin. ClerkLAPD33
Angelo, SusanaAdmin. ClerkLAPD28
Angotti, Diane M.AccountingLADWP
Ashley, Daniel S.Traffic Paint Sign PostLADOT24
Aspen, RickyPainterRec & Parks35
Bacon, Samuel H.Sr. CustodianAirports23
Baghdanian, MargariteMgmt. AnalystLAPD23
Balbuena, Rebecca S.Sr. Admin. ClerkPublic Works24
Barajas, RomanSystems AnalystPublic Works33
Barton, Sharon C.Traffic OfficerLADOT17
Belk, Elaine T.Admin. ClerkLAPD17
Bennett, Tina N.Police Service RepLAPD19
Budrecki, John C.Water OperationsLADWP
Bytheway, Jeff L.Sr., Build InspectorBldg. & Safety17
Camacho, BrendaAdmin. ClerkPublic Works38
Chen, Amy I.Water EngineeringLADWP
Cheng, EmevertoEnviron’l Eng. Assoc.Public Works32
Cheng, Michele M.Sr. Admin. ClerkFinance35
Chung, Kasey H.Environ. LabLADWP
Chung, Timothy J.Asst. City AttorneyCity Attorney24
Craig, Michael T.Power TransmissionLADWP
Crail, Timothy K.Environ. LabLADWP
Crawford, Jeffrey A.Power TransmissionLADWP
Dabbaghian, Vahe H.Water QualityLADWP
Davis, Richard L.Light Equipment Op.Public Works24
Delkhaste, Mary A.Supply ChainLADWP
Dunbar, Michael B.Equipment SpecialistLAFD17
Dunmire, John P.Power TransmissionLADWP
Dupras, Marlene K.Civil Engineering Assoc.Airports9
Ermatinger, Paul C.Water QualityLADWP
Feggo, JohnMaint./Constr. HelperPublic Works20
Franciosa, Edward D.PDD Dist.LADWP
Fujimura, Richard B.Fleet ServicesLADWP
Gaal, Collette R.Water OperationsLADWP
Gaither, William M.Power TransmissionLADWP
Gantt, Norma L.Env. Compliance Insp.Public Works34
Garcia, GeraldineAirport GuideAirports11
Garcia, John G.Water OperationsLADWP
Gleason, Patrick T.Power TransmissionLADWP
Godfrey, Rosemarie D.Customer ServicesLADWP
Gold, StevenDeputy City AttorneyCity Attorney24
Gonzalez, HenryTree Surgeon SupervisorRec & Parks35
Govic, ErvinShip CarpenterHarbor15
Grant, Theresa L.Traffic OfficerLADOT25
Hamilton, James E.Refuse Coll. Truck Op.Public Works30
Herrera, RobertPower TransmissionLADWP
Holck, Laura R.Water EngineeringLADWP
Hollins, Selwyn V.Asst. DirectorFinance26
Huerta, BertC&M SupervisorRec & Parks23
Ingram, Sean T.Supply ChainLADWP
Jolly, Peter H.Golf StarterRec & Parks17
Keller, Mike A.Water OperationsLADWP
Keotahian, AvakAsst. Chief Leg. AnalystCouncil46
Lammers, Guy C.Real EstateLADWP
Lau, EricBuyerGen. Services10
Ma, Wallace ZhiHeavy Duty Equip. Mech.Gen. Services26
Mabin, Reinalda V.Special Prog. Asst.Rec & Parks6
Madero, Maria ElenaProcurement Super.Gen. Services28
Maese, Dora L.Water DistributionLADWP
McKinney-Gregoire, LynneInvestigatorPublic Works35
McWilliams, TimothyAsst. City AttorneyCity Attorney22
Mendez Jr., FedericoPower System Eng.LADWP
Mercado, Michael G.Water QualityLADWP
Miranda, FernandoRefuse Coll. Truck Op.Public Works17
Mitchell, Darryl A.Park Services Attend.Zoo37
Moore, Reginald V.Refuse Coll. Truck Op.Public Works36
Morejon, Peter L.Supt. of OperationsAirports32
Mort, Jeff L.ManagerAirports31
Nickerson, DemetriusSpecial Prog. Asst.Rec & Parks4
Offerman, William J.Water OperationsLADWP
Pacada, Nestor A.Water EngineeringLADWP
Palacios, Jesse D.Garage AttendantGen. Services31
Parraga, Kori A.Sr. Personnel AnalystPersonnel31
Podpora, MarianBuild Mech. InspectorBldg. & Safety16
Ponce, Robert F.Special Prog. AssistantRec & Parks5
Portillo, Marvin A.Sr. Traffic Supv.LADOT34
Roque, Ronald L.Environ’l SpecialistBldg. & Safety33
Ramos, Luisito S.Water DistributionLADWP
Raner, Gerald L.ITSLADWP
Reid, John A.Power C&MLADWP
Ruano, Byron E.Transport. Eng. Assoc.Transportation30
Russell, Steven W.Water OperationsLADWP
Sahaj, Manuela H.Power TransmissionLADWP
Sardin, De ShunMaintenance LaborerPublic Works32
Serrano, RichardPower C&MLADWP
Scott, Monika K.Police Service RepLAPD24
Shahbazian, SeanConstruction InspectorPublic Works23
Simon, Mark R.Str. Services Super.Public Works35
Smallwood, Scott D.Supply ChainLADWP
Stallings, Tyrone D.Asst.ChiefAirports36
Steffen, April L.ITSLADWP
Sullivan, Stella M.Admin. ClerkAnimal Services16
Tenorio, MoniqueWitness Service Coord.City Attorney35
Thompson, Garry A.Power TransmissionLADWP
Tinsley, Chel C.CustodianAirports24
Tisdell, Denise M.Police Service RepLAPD28
Topete, George H.Gardener CaretakerRec & Parks20
Trevgoda, John J.Asst. General ManagerGen. Services31
Trinidad, Waldemar D.ITSLADWP
Tucker, Carol L.Corp. Strategy/Comm.LADWP
Vandemeier, JamiePower EngineeringLADWP
Veiga, RichardSolid Resources Mgr.Public Works36
Walls, Kirkland F.Power New BusinessLADWP
Wedlow, Marty O.Facilities ServicesLADWP
Whitehurst, DavidPr. InspectorHousing17
Whittington, Mitchell L.Power TransmissionLADWP
Wilkie, Charles A.Sr. Mgmt. AnalystRec & Parks31
Woo, Michelle C.Power New BusinessLADWP
Yeung, Edward K.Water DistributionLADWP
Yu, Jenniffer L.Water ExecutiveLADWP