Lifes Moments: Retirements Listing November 2023

Below is a listing of those who Retired from the City. To all we say, welcome to the best years!

We honor the people who have spent their working lives building, managing and imagining a better LA, and are now Retired. We thank and appreciate all you have done!

Note: If you wish to have a listing deleted from our online posting of Retirement notices, please email us at, stating the name and department of the Retired person. The request must come from the actual Retired person. We derive our lists from official public records provided by the City and LADWP.


You can click on the arrows in the top row to sort by NAME, TITLE, DEPARTMENT or YEARS OF SERVICE. View 10, 25, 50 or 100 per page by clicking on Show Entries.

Achonu, Emmanuel O.Pr. Constr. InspectorPublic Works36
Aguilar, Luis C.Power TransmissionLADWPN/D
Alba, Arthur J.Equipment OperatorRec and Parks29
Aliasghar, MaryTax Compliance Off.Finance36
Alonso, ArturoEquipment OperatorAirports26
Alvarez, Maria T.Sr. Admin. ClerkFinance33
Antonio, Jacqueline G.Supply ChainLADWPN/D
Aragon, Juan CarlosPr. Detention OfficerLAPD35
Atmur, Donna M.LibrarianLibrary22
Benitez, Juan A.Procurement Sup.Harbor26
Blazej Yee, Sybil N.Admin. ClerkLibrary33
Bloom, Christine R.Admin. ClerkLibrary26
Bolilvar, ArmandoMetering ServicesLADWPN/D
Bonilla, ArturoCrossing GuardTransportation3
Brinson, Richard E.Sr. Housing InspectorHousing25
Castillo, Jesus S.ITSLADWPN/D
Castillo, Xiomara W.ITSLADWPN/D
Cerna, Maria L.CustodianAirports16
Cline, Steven D.SupervisorRec and Parks33
Collado, Rosa E.SecretaryPublic Works25
Craw, Michael J.Police PsychologistLAPD22
Crewl, Wayne J.Heavy Duty Equip. Mech.Gen.Services28
Cutler, Leonard W.Material Test. Tech.Harbor32
Dang, Vi A.Housing InvestigatorHousing34
Davis Jr., Samuel R.Supply ChainLADWPN/D
De La Cruz, Abraham De LeonWastewater Treat. Oper.Public Works33
Dominguez Morales, GonzalaSpecial Prog. Asst.Rec and Parks6
Eliades, Thomas D.Equipment OperatorPublic Works7
Esmailian, Anahid S.Legal SecretaryCity Attorney25
Fatherree, Tamura R.Civil Engineering Ass.Harbor33
Fernandini, Eduardo I.Equipment MechanicGen.Services17
Fong, Ciaban C.Sr. Admin. ClerkLAFD19
Fortaleza, Joseph F.Sr. Env. Compl. Insp.Public Works36
Franklin, DerralWastewater Coll. WorkerPublic Works34
Freise, Thomas G.CarpenterGen.Services10
Fu, William T.Environ. Eng. Ass.Public Works35
Gagar- Richards, MaryExec. Admin. Asst.Public Works35
Gallegos, Patrick A.Security OfficerAirports26
Galperin, RonCouncil AideCouncil10
Gesch, Jon D.PhotographerLAPD27
Greenstein, Jay D.Council AideCouncil16
Guadalupe, Glenn D.Off. Eng. TechPublic Works13
Guerrero, EdwardSr. Transp. EngineerTransportation28
Hill, Gary EricPersonnel AnalystLAFD29
Hobbs, Gary D.Constr. InspectorPublic Works17
Holzhauer, Steven M.Power TransmissionLADWPN/D
Hugard, Jacques J.Wastewater Treat. Oper.Public Works33
Irvine, Douglas L.Sr. Environmental Eng.Public Works37
Jablonski Kaye, DenisePolice PsychologistLAPD19
Jackson, Andrea D.Police Service Rep.LAPD26
Jones, Carla R.Sr. Admin. ClerkPublic Works37
Keir, Jennifer A.Sr. Forensic Print Spec.LAPD20
Kim, MatthewEquipment MechanicLAPD8
Lao, Wedmay J.Dept. Chief Acct.Housing25
Lim, Michelle D.Dep. City AttorneyCity Attorney29
Loera, Rigoberto VargasConstr. InspectorPublic Works25
Lomenzo, Denton S.Plumbing InspectorBldg. & Safety18
Lujan, AlmaAdmin. CoordinatorCity Attorney28
Lussier, Raymond A.Fleet ServicesLADWPN/D
Madrid, Anna MarieForensic Print Spec.LAPD23
Manbahal, Sarojini S.Sr. Admin. ClerkAirports/LADWP15
McReynolds, Brett D.Chief Constr. Insp.Public Works31
Melkonjan, NorbertSignal System Supv.Transportation30
Melloff, Valerie V.Asst. General Mgr.Gen.Services37
Miles, Rick D.ElectricianHarbor30
Miranda, Sandra M.JFB/FacilitiesLADWPN/D
Mohamed, FarhanaWastewater Treat. Lab Mgr.Public Works38
Moren, Anthony J.Water OperationsLADWPN/D
Munoz, Joe M.Maintenance LaborerAirports27
Muro, SuzanaCouncil AideCouncil27
Nagel, Michelle S.Gen.ServicesLADWPN/D
Nettles, Valerie K.Sr. Mgmt. AnalystEc./Workforce Dev.26
Norman, Shawn D.Water ServicesLADWPN/D
Pandy, Magdiwang G.Water EngineeringLADWPN/D
Papaian, Shooshig A.Sr. GardenerRec and Parks24
Portillo, Samuel A.Sr. Build. Mech. Insp.Bldg. & Safety40
Prasad, VijayalaksDirector, Airport Ops.Airports21
Pulanco, Jesus B.Power SupplyLADWPN/D
Razon, Abraham S.Sr. Environmental Op.Public Works35
Reyes, Manuel D.Motor Sweeper Op.Public Works20
Riley, Candice S.Energy DistributionLADWPN/D
Robison, DaphanySr. Traffic SupervisorTransportation35
Salvador, LyndonAsst. General Mgr.CIFD30
Salvaggio, ChristineSr. Civil EngineerAirports31
Sanchez, RobertCivil Engineering Ass.Public Works33
Santos, AntonioMaterial Test. Eng. Ass.Gen.Services32
Scott, Paul F.Equipment MechanicGen.Services25
Shafa, Masoud S.Bulk Power BusinessLADWPN/D
Smith, Edwin D.Refuse Coll. Truck Op.Public Works34
Smith, Michael J.Pr. InspectorBldg. & Safety39
Specchia, AngelaCrossing GuardTransportation13
Stanberry, Kenneth L.Property ManagerGen.Services16
Stanford, Nelson E.Power C&MLADWPN/D
Stanley, Robert E.Equip. MechanicLAPD7
Suarez, RicardoLocker Room Attend.Rec and Parks2
Tran, DungSr. Civil EngineerPublic Works33
Tseng, Linda S.ITSLADWPN/D
Varela, Reggie V.Mech. HelperLAFD35
Velasco, RaulInfo System Mgr.Airports34
Villanueva, Maria P.Power C&NLADWPN/D
Wheelwright, RhondaChief ClerkHarbor33
Works, Valerie A.Sr. Mngmt.AnalystAirports38
Wyatt, Gloria F.Accounting ClerkTransportation8