Lifes Moments: Retirements Listing July 2023

Below is a listing of those who Retired from the City. To all we say, welcome to the best years!

We honor the people who have spent their working lives building, managing and imagining a better LA, and are now Retired. We thank and appreciate all you have done!

Note: If you wish to have a listing deleted from our online posting of Retirement notices, please email us at, stating the name and department of the Retired person. The request must come from the actual Retired person. We derive our lists from official public records provided by the City and LADWP.


You can click on the arrows in the top row to sort by NAME, TITLE, DEPARTMENT or YEARS OF SERVICE. View 10, 25, 50 or 100 per page by clicking on Show Entries.

Abreu, JamesBldg. Mech. Insp.Bldg. & Safety27
Alvarez, IsaacWater DistributionLADWPN/D
Arman, Darrell R.ITSLADWPN/D
Arredondo, Francisco P.Gardener CaretakerRec and Parks28
Barrios, Debora LynnPolice Service RepLAPD21
Bessos, Alex S.Energy SupportLADWPN/D
Blunt Jr., IraJFB/FacilitiesLADWPN/D
Brown, Matthew E.Sr. Airport EngineerAirports31
Bruskin, Carolyn A.Energy SupportLADWPN/D
Busby, John A.Power SupplyLADWPN/D
Cabral, Anselmo H.Power TransmissionLADWPN/D
Carter, HardenPlanning Asst.Planning6
Chan, Hing K.Systems ProgrammerLibrary26
Chang, YuntingProgrammer/AnalystPersonnel23
Chavez, AdrianPower TransmissionLADWPN/D
Citrin, Neil K.LibrarianLibrary24
Corral, Daniel D.Special Prog. Asst.Rec and Parks4
Cousins, Roland W.Refuse Coll. Truck Op.Public Works29
Cubas, GermanFleet ServicesLADWPN/D
Day, Robert NelsonWelder SupervisorGen.Services20
De La Roca, Carlos J.Corporate ServicesLADWPN/D
Dergrigorian, RonaldWater QualityLADWPN/D
Donohue, Thomas J.Power C&MLADWPN/D
Edson, Joyce J.Asst.Gen.ManagerITA38
Fritts, Donald E.Power EngineeringLADWPN/D
Fullam, John T.Material Test Eng.Harbor31
Garcia, Emma S.SecretaryLAFD23
Gettle III, Rollin B.Bldg. Mech. Insp.Bldg. & Safety13
Gonzalez, Guadalupe P.Water DistributionLADWPN/D
Gnanapragasam, R.Mgmt.AnalystLAPD39
Gonzales, CarolineSr. Benefits AnalystFire/Police Pens.39
Gonzalez, Dora A.Dep. City AttorneyCity Attorney17
Gordon, AllenTruck OperatorPublic Works36
Hall, Monika R.Sr. Admin. ClerkPersonnel29
Hanna, Eleanor L.Asst. Park Srv. Attend.Rec and Parks2
Hart, Harris S.Deputy City AttorneyCity Attorney31
Hill Jr., James B.Fleet ServicesLADWPN/D
Hill, Sharon M.Customer ServiceLADWPN/D
Jackson, Morris G.Power SupplyLADWPN/D
Kamachi Lazaro, Avalyn Civil Eng. Ass.Public Works31
Kapoh, Mark D.SergeantAirports34
Kharbertyan, ZabelaSr. Admin. ClerkLAFD33
Leung, SamuelPower TransmissionLADWPN/D
Llamas, Reynaldo H.Water QualityLADWPN/D
Losoya, BillRefuse Coll. Truck Op.Public Works33
McCarter, Kimberly A.Water DistributionLADWPN/D
McDonald, Jane E.Customer ServiceLADWPN/D
McDonald, Joseph P.Water OperationsLADWPN/D
Milani, Fred F.Construction Insp.Public Works20
Misustin, John C.Fleet ServicesLADWPN/D
Monroe, Schiry G.ITSLADWPN/D
Montgomery, Debra E.Power EngineeringLADWPN/D
Nachman, KennethPt&D Energy Dist.LADWPN/D
Najera, Victor M.Maint./Constr.HelperGen.Services9
Navarrete Jr., Rudy M.Power New BusinessLADWPN/D
Omlor, Philip F.Power C&MLADWPN/D
Ortiz, Gloria A.Human ResourcesLADWPN/D
Padilla, Raymundo M.Power TransmissionLADWPN/D
Patterson, David E.Energy DistributionLADWPN/D
Patzlaff, Thomas G.Fleet ServicesLADWPN/D
Reyes, Loida S.Sr. Systems AnalystBldg. & Safety28
Rodelo, CatherinePr. ClerkCity Attorney36
Romero, Elmer N.Off. Engineer TechBldg. & Safety28
Sauter, Julie K.Dep. City EngineerPublic Works27
Stadler, Cynthia K.VeterinarianZoo13
Strucke, Darryl E.Traffic Paint Sign PostTransportation9
Szaktilla, Janos G.Geo Info Sys. Super. ILAFD24
Taylor, Simone N.Water ResourcesLADWPN/D
Tran, Jennifer M.Fiscal Systems Spec.Public Works22
Turner, JefferyTelecom PlannerAirports43
Tylutki, Thomas E.Bulk PowerLADWPN/D
Valenzuela, Orestes R.Mgmt.AnalystLAPD21
Vicino, Christopher O.Security ServicesLADWPN/D
Wang, Allen C.Civil EngineerPublic Works30
Williams, Adria D.Chief Mgmt.AnalystAirports34
Wilson, Allen B.Power SupplyLADWPN/D
Zitko, Laura G.Sr. Admin. ClerkHarbor14