Here’s a listing of all those who retired from the City this month.

To all we say, welcome to the Best Years!


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Abellanosa, Cynthia SorianoSr. Management AnalystHousing23
Aldama, FranciscoAsst. Park Services Attend.Rec and Parks6
Alietti, Alan MarshallSr. Legislative Asst.City Clerk31
Alonso, Jose M.RefuseColl. Truck Op.Public Works33
Alvarado, Paul SteveRefuseColl. Truck Op.Public Works15
Andrews, Lisa AnnSecretaryPublic Works30
Arellano, Jesus S.Special Prog. Asst.Rec and Parks10
Arso, GaryJFB/FacilitiesLADWPN/D
Assaf, MarisaPolice Service RepLAPD30
Bailey, Richard M.Garage AttendantGeneral Services31
Baker, TracyCommun. Info. Rep.Airports32
Banos, Jennifer SivkeangDeputy Supt. Of BuildingsBldg. & Safety32
Barajas, PabloSpecial Program. Asst.Rec and Parks6
Basilio, John LuceroSr. Detention OfficerLAPD32
Bauman, Gregory N.Power SupplyLADWPN/D
Beaudry, Robert C.Energy ControlLADWPN/D
Beltran, Steven J.Plumbing InspectorBldg. & Safety34
Benitez, Juan H.Pr. Grounds Maint. Supv.Rec and Parks33
Berberabe, Susan PinedaEnv. Compliance Insp.Public Works31
Biboso, Amelito L.Constr. and Maint. Supv.Public Works32
Blabagno, Cecero N.Env. Compliance Insp.Public Works21
Blair, Derrick L.RefuseColl. Truck Op.Public Works33
Boyd, Brenda J.Security OfficerAirports18
Bradley, Timothy E.Security OfficerAirports20
Bradley, Timothy LamerMunicipal Police OfficerLAPD29
Bravo, Rodrigo L.Power TransmissionLADWPN/D
Brumfield, EssieCrossing GuardTransportation 16
Caboor, Robert EricAdmin. ClerkLibrary32
Campbell, Nell A.ITSLADWPN/D
Canales, Luis M.Maint./Constr. HelperAirports18
Castillon, Juan ManuelMaint./Constr. HelperRec and Parks13
Castro, DianaGM’s OfficeLADWPN/D
Castro, Francisco L.Env. Compliance Insp.Public Works30
Castro, Robert D.Clean GridLADWPN/D
Cato, Kevin A.Metering ServicesLADWPN/D
Chavez, Jesus R.Sr. Env. Compliance Insp.Public Works34
Clark, Cheryl ReneeAdmin. ClerkLAPD21
Claro, ChristopherPower C&MLADWPN/D
Cole, Michael DeanSr. Mngmt. AnalystEcon./Wkfrc. Dev.28
Cox, AngelaAdmin. ClerkAirports23
Crittenden, Roderick CarltonWastewater Treatment Op.Public Works33
Davis, Karen Y.Integrated SupportLADWPN/D
De Leon, Alan LampaPr. Detention OfficerLAPD33
De Santos, AntonioMotor Sweeper Op.Public Works25
Domingo, Jose Diosc AysonInstrument Mech. Supv.Airports25
Dominguez, George GaryRefuseColl. Truck Op.Public Works16
Doss, Betty FayRecreation Asst.Rec and Parks2
Dreben, JacqueleenPolice Service RepLAPD20
Duenas, PazMessenger ClerkLibrary6
Ennis, Lourdes LaoAdmin. ClerkLAPD36
Estrada, EugeneSr. LibrarianLibrary41
Estrella, Emilia G.Special Prog. Asst.Rec and Parks9
Fernandez, Val M.Supply ChainLADWPN/D
Flores, Andrew M.Power TransmissionLADWPN/D
Ford, David W.Equipment Op.Public Works32
Fortenberry, Errol T.Water DistributionLADWPN/D
Fumar, Fay AlmenarioEnv. Compliance Insp.Public Works31
Garcia, JuanSpecial Prog. Asst.Rec and Parks8
Ghantiwala, AshokSr Wastewater Treat. Op.Public Works33
Ghotbi Ravandi, KamranStructural Eng. Assoc.Bldg. & Safety28
Giddens, WallaceSecurity ServicesLADWPN/D
Giacomin, Gregory J.OfficerAirports27
Godoy, Cesar R.Field Engineer AidePublic Works12
Gonzalez, EfrainWastewater ManagerPublic Works40
Gordon, Keela M.Power TransmissionLADWPN/D
Guiao, Samantha G.Integrated SupportLADWPN/D
Gutierrez, IvyPolice Service RepLAPD31
Hall, Maxine G.Sr. Admin. ClerkRec and Parks19
Hall, Steven ThomasRef.Coll. Sup.Public Works30
Harrison, Donald LeeRecreation Asst.Rec and Parks7
Hawkins, Sandra F.Sr. CustodianGeneral Services32
Higgs, Zelma A.Wastewater Treatment Op.Public Works34
Hill, Diana EliseDetention OfficerLAPD20
Ho, Jacquelyn T.Power PlanningLADWPN/D
Huff, Marc R.Power TransmissionLADWPN/D
Hurt, Helen L.Security OfficerAirports31
Ilgunas, Raymond S.Sr. Asst. City AttorneyCity Attorney37
Iman, Adan HassanManagement AnalystPublic Works27
Jacot, Daniel E.Customer ServiceLADWPN/D
James, Patricia A.Sr. Detention OfficerLAPD25
Jaramillo, Mario P.Gardener CaretakerRec and Parks15
Johnson, James K.Constr. InspectorAirports11
Jolivette, Shanna NicoleSr. Forensic Print Spec.LAPD30
Jones, Howard E.Special Prog. Asst.Rec and Parks7
Jones, Russell EugeneEquipment Op.Public Works21
Kao, Nien K.Power PlanningLADWPN/D
Keena, Christopher PaulSecurity OfficerAirports25
Kraus, Richard S.LibrarianLibrary39
Lam, Hiep MinhCivil Eng. Draft Tech.Public Works24
Lapid, Ambrosio M.Sr. Env. Compliance Insp.Public Works31
Lew, Maria GinLibrarianLibrary44
Lim, Anna H.Sr. Mgmt. AnalystAirports31
Lira, Victoria AnnCh. ClerkBldg. & Safety34
Lopez, Thomas G.Ch. Investment OfficerFire/Police Pensions40
Lovely, Sharon L.JFB/FacilitiesLADWPN/D
Mackay, Michael L.Power TransmissionLADWPN/D
Marrujo, Joseph E.J.Build. Mech. InspectorBldg. & Safety16
Martinez, Jose EpifanioCustodianGeneral Services16
Martinez, Valerie D.Retirement PlanLADWPN/D
Mason, Robert C.Heavy Duty Equip. Mech.LAFD33
Medina, RafaelForensic Print Spec.LAPD21
Mello, David A.Ref.Coll. Supv.Public Works33
Moore, Walter I.Fleet ServicesLADWPN/D
Negroe, RaulAdmin. ClerkRec and Parks13
Pacheco, GabrielaPr. Public Relations Rep.Airports30
Palm, RichardPower SupplyLADWPN/D
Paris, Adeniyi JacobCustodianGeneral Services20
Parkes, Charles E.Water OperationsLADWPN/D
Payan, Robert DanielSergeantLAPD35
Perez, JuanCustodianGeneral Services16
Phyffer, Lawrence LloydSr. Commun. ElectricianLAPD25
Piereson, Bryan RaymChemistPublic Works34
Pina, Felipe L.Gardener CaretakerRec and Parks19
Pineda, Mark J.Env. Chem. LabLADWPN/D
Quintero, GeorgeLibrary Asst.Library32
Ramirez, Bertha L.Recreation Asst.Rec and Parks5
Reyna, SergioGarage AttendantCivilian LAPD18
Reynoso, Vincent C.Security ServicesLADWPN/D
Rice, David R.Fleet ServicesLADWPN/D
Rittenberg, LaurieAsst. City AttorneyCity Attorney26
Robinson, AnthonySr. Detention OfficerLAPD31
Rodrick, Joseph C.Animal Care Tech.Animal Services15
Rodriguez, Miguel SironiSecurity OfficerLAPD9
Santillan, Edward R.Sr. Parking AttendantGeneral Services32
Senior, GeraldGardener CaretakerRec and Parks15
Senires, BernardoCustodianGeneral Services19
Shavers, Vincent L.Land Surveying Asst.Public Works38
Simon, Cynthia L.Commun. Info Rep.ITA30
Siping, Phillip E.Maint. Sup.Airports32
Snell, Haroldeane E.LibrarianLibrary11
Snyder, Greg K.Sr. Constr. InspectorPublic Works21
Snyder, Wendell J.Fleet ServicesLADWPN/D
Solorzano, Rogelio T.Gardener CaretakerRec and Parks15
Soriano, Roderic D.Municipal OfficerLAPD33
Steffen, Darrell D.Water DistributionLADWPN/D
Strand, John OwenAccountantFire/Police Pensions16
Sturm, Arlen EliTruck Op.Zoo31
Takami, Anthony B.JFB/FacilitiesLADWPN/D
Tappan, Felecia D.Power TransmissionLADWPN/D
Tarumoto, Brandt K.Power TransmissionLADWPN/D
Thompson, Jeffrey L.Security ServicesLADWPN/D
Turner, Debra A.Security OfficerAirports18
Uyemura, Raymond M.Director of SystemsFinance33
Vaca, Marisela RoblesSr. Admin. ClerkPublic Works36
Vajar, AbbassTransportation EngineerTransportation37
Valerio, MiguelRef.Coll. Truck Op.Public Works34
Vidales, GabrielaSr. Parking AttendantGeneral Services31
Villagonzalo, Marilou SottoTax Renewal Asst.Finance20
Wallace, Shawn YvetteCouncil AideCouncil23
Warnasuriya, Louie A.Heating/Refrig. InspectorBldg. & Safety35
Watson, James R.Delivery DriverPublic Works18
Watson, NathanielGardener CaretakerRec and Parks23
Williams, Beulah M.Sr. Security OfficerAirports31
Williams, Keith DarrylDetention OfficerLAPD26
Williams, Lisa M.Sr. Admin. ClerkAirports34
Williams, MercioBus Op.Airports34
Wilson, Tony L.Power TransmissionLADWPN/D
Wong, Nathalie T.Admin. ClerkLibrary36
Wong, VictorWater EngineeringLADWPN/D
Yang, XinjianEnvironmental Spec.Airports16
Yuan, Henry S.Sr. Envrnmtl. EngineerPublic Works31
Zaldivar, Enrique C.DirectorPublic Works35
Zaragoza, JuanEquipment MechanicGeneral Services17