Here’s a listing of all those who retired from the City this month.

To all we say, welcome to the Best Years!


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Abraham, Teresa M.Sr. Mgmt. AnalystBldg. & Safety28
Adams, Paula A.Dir. of Airports Admin.Airports30
Aguila, WalterFleet ServicesDWPN/D
Alcantara, Joann B.Customer ServiceDWPN/D
Alonzo, Jose M.Police OfficerAirports32
Alvarado De Bravo, GriceldaLocker Room Attend.Rec and Parks5
Andersen, Steven C.Power Constr./Maint.DWPN/D
Arnold, Keith EdwardPolice SergeantAirports32
Basquez, Alejandrina R.Asst. General Mgr.Personnel26
Bowers, Ronald DavidRefuse Coll. Sup.Public Works42
Brown, Merrillee L.Labor RelationsDWPN/D
Calas, German B.Eng. DesignerAirports19
Castaneda, James A.Water OperationsDWPN/D
Claverie, Louis W.Security OfficerAirporets32
Clease, VanPolice OfficerAirports32
Conrad, Todd H.Power New BusinessDWPN/D
Cook, CharlesComm. ElectricianITA17
Cortez, CarmenPower Trans.DWPN/D
De Bow, Terri L.Energy DistributionDWPN/D
Delgado, Jerry G.Sr. Detention OfficerLAPD35
Deng, SusieTax AuditorFinance11
Douroux, LeeBuilding InspectorBldg. & Safety30
Duboise, Aaron K.Police SergeantAirports32
Eagleson, Craig D.Fleet ServicesDWPN/D
Espinosa Luna, JuanCustodianAirports20
Espinoza, JoseGardener CaretakerRec and Parks24
Farrington, Dorothy A.Special Prog. Asst.Rec and Parks5
Figley, Daniel J.Power Trans.DWPN/D
Flores, IrmaCustodianHarbor10
Ford, Jamal B.Police OfficerAirports32
Franklin, Penny MariePolice Service RepLAPD25
Gage, Daniel PatrickConstr. & Maint. Sup.Gen. Services24
Gonzalez, Guillermo J.Police OfficerAirports34
Guzman, RochelleSupply ChainDWPN/D
Hall, Martha G.Police SergeantAirports33
Hendricks, Clara E.Custodian Sup.Airports31
Hoffman, LouisPolice LieutenantAirports39
Holmes, Troye E.Police LieutenantAirports32
Holtz, Derrick E.Police OfficerAirports19
Hudgins, Gertrude E.Sr. Admin. ClerkPublic Works15
Jackson, GwendolynCustodianAirports18
James, Barbara A.Police SergeantAirports35
Jang, MikyongDept. Chief Acct.LACERS22
Johnson, CurtisAirport GuideAirports6
Jones, Dormin D.Traffic Officer Transportation27
Jones, Gladys M.Airport GuideAirports6
Kagan, Charles M.JFB/Facilities Mgmt.DWPN/D
Kamuck, Mary AnnAdmin. ClerkBldg. & Safety34
Kaptein, Robert E.Civil Eng. Assoc.Harbor12
King, Clifford G.CustodianAirports20
Lacy, Yvonne M.Airport GuideAirports6
Lara, JosefinaCustodianAirports15
Lara, Luis A.Airport GuideAirports11
Largaespada, BayardoCustodianAirports17
Lemons, Clifford L.Constr. InspectorAirports30
Lewis, Darrius JeromePolice OfficerAirports34
Limbo, Alexander A.CustodianAirports17
Lo, Gordon H.Acctg. Rec. Sup.Airports30
Long, Brian D.Power Constr./Maint.DWPN/D
Lopez, Blanca L.CustodianAirports15
Lopez, Jose R.CustodianAirports17
Lopez Barrios, EmilianaCustodianAirports15
Loya, Roberto R.Mgr.Airports30
Luke, ThomasSt. Services WorkerAirports30
Madsen, Midori P.Airport GuideAirports11
Magee, Otis V.CustodianAirports14
Magno, Narciso D.G.Sr. AccountantFire/Police Pens.15
Mariscal, Ana L.CustodianAirports15
Martinez, Don GabrielMaint. LaborerAirports15
Martinez, EvaCustodianAirports15
Martinez, SimonCustodianAirports17
Martinez-Flores, RocioCustodianAirports15
Masry, Marjorie M.Airport GuideAirports3
Medina, TeresaCustodianAirports17
Mendoza, Jaime SantosSr. Admin. ClerkLAPD31
Mendoza, Maria LeilaniAdmin. ClerkLAPD29
Merenstein, Brett M.Power Trans.DWPN/D
Milos, Monica M.Property Mgr.Airports20
Mixon, Kelly G.Sr. Security OfficerAirports31
Mojica, BerthaCustodianAirports15
Monterrosa, Ester M.CustodianAirports17
Monterroso, Marco T.CustodianAirports15
Morales, Maria D.Window CleanerAirports17
Morales, Modesta A.CustodianAirports16
Morales, RosarioCustodianAirports17
Moran, John F.Supt. of OperationsAirports32
Morataya Ruano, EveliaCustodianAirports17
Moreno, RafaelRefuse Coll. Truck Op.Public Works32
Munoz, Aida R.CustodianAirports13
Murillo Rivas, Maria L.CustodianAirports16
Newman, Chona MatiasCommun. Info. Rep.Airports13
Nguyen, Hoang A.Wastewater Treat. Op.Public Works38
Oga, TaizoGardener CaretakerAirports17
Payne, Lamar OliverCustodianAirports11
Paysinger, Autumn L.Sr. Admin. ClerkLAPD25
Pineda Iraheta, JulioCustodianAirports11
Platero, Dinora I.CustodianAirports17
Ponce, Filena D.CustodianAirports17
Ponce, SandraPolice Service Rep.LAPD42
Priestley, Errol B.Police OfficerAirports30
Riser, Timothy A.Police OfficerAirports34
Rivera, GuadalupeCustodianAirports17
Rivera Mejia, VeronicaCustodianAirports15
Robles, CarmenCustodianAirports14
Rodriguez, FranciscoCustodianAirports15
Ross, Ann J.Airport GuideAirports8
Rubio, EmilioMaint. LaborerAirports15
Ruiz, HermelindaCustodianAirports19
Sacvin Jax, JuanCustodianAirports15
Saldivar, Eleuterio J.Water DistributionDWPN/D
Sharp, SamuelPower Trans.DWPN/D
Shrode, Richard D.Police OfficerAirports26
Silverman, Erica D.LibrarianLibrary7
Slattery, Edward C.Power Trans.DWPN/D
Smith, Marie Jose G.Airport GuideAirports11
Smock, Lisa JeanSr. Police Serv. RepLAPD30
Sosa Vasquez, EmmaCustodianAirports15
Suh, Kung W.Asst. Park Svcs. Attd.Rec and Parks3
Taguchi, Roger K.Power Constr./Maint.DWPN/D
Thomas, Renauta D.Sr. CustodianAirports18
Tolentino, Virgilio T.VeterinarianAnimal Services7
Torres, ElizabethSr. Personnel AnalystLACERS30
Torrez, Jesse A.Power Trans.DWPN/D
Tovar, MargaritaCustodianAirports15
Tran, Jimmy KhacComm. ElectricianITA24
Tran, KimSolid Resources Mgr.Public Works20
Tullai, Mark J.Chief Mgmt. AnalystAirports29
Valenzuela De Jesus, EduardoCustodianAirports15
Vasquez, Rosendo M.CustodianAirports17
Vaughn, David BrianPlumberPublic Works30
Vega, L. BerthaPayroll Sup.Airports35
Velasquez, Jose A.CustodianAirports17
Velasquez Paz, MarthaCustodianAirports17
Virgen, ToribioCustodianAirports16
Warren, Michelle L.Customer ServiceDWPN/D
Whitehead, Gayle LorraineCommun. Info. Rep.Airports24
Wike, Charles B.LibrarianLibrary4
Wilder, EsauSecurity OfficerAirports11
Williams, Waynetta R.Airport GuideAirports11
Woods, Houston S.Comm. ElectricianITA25
Zarate, Jose AlbertoSr. Detention Off.LAPD30
Zimmerman, Teresa L.Legal SecretaryCity Attorney11