Here’s a listing of all those who retired from the City this month.

To all we say, welcome to the Best Years!


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Abram, PaulPower Constr./Maint.DWPN/D
Akers, Robin M.Equip.MechanicGen. Services11
Almanza, RobertWater DistributionDWPN/D
Alonzo, RitaMaterials Mgmt.DWPN/D
Amaro, JohnBusiness Support Srv.DWPN/D
Anderson, AlmaFinancial PlanningDWPN/D
Ardoin, Millard R.Building Insp.Bldg. & Safety14
Barnes, RodneyWater EngineeringDWPN/D
Battey, Earl J.Detention OfficerLAPD23
Bednarski, JohnWater SupplyDWPN/D
Bergerson, RobertMetering ServicesDWPN/D
Berumen, Maria TeresaRecords SupervisorPersonnel29
Bhuiyan, MukhlesurPower PlanningDWPN/D
Blue, RobertPower SupplyDWPN/D
Brown, Bruce DanielRisk Manager IIIAirports24
Brown, JoanAccountingDWPN/D
Brown, RussellPower SupplyDWPN/D
Castillo, DavidWater OperationsDWPN/D
Chan, Pauline Pui LimSr. Trans. Eng.Transportation34
Chavez, Luis A.CustodianAirports16
Christian, TroyBuilding Insp.Bldg. & Safety12
Clark, CherlynITSDWPN/D
Dailor, ThomasWater QualityDWPN/D
Fadakar, ShahramWater DistributionDWPN/D
Favela, Hector G.CarpenterRec & Parks18
Featherston, MichaelPower Constr./Maint.DWPN/D
Flores, RamonWater DistributionDWPN/D
Gallegos, Ron P.Printing Srv. Super.Gen. Services30
Garcia, AlbertoPower TransmissionDWPN/D
Garcia, JosephPower TransmissionDWPN/D
Garcia Ortega, MariaPolice Service RepLAPD19
Garibay, BerthaSpecial Programs Asst.Rec & Parks8
Gavile, FernandoCustomer ServiceDWPN/D
Giese, JodeanSustainabilityDWPN/D
Gutierrez, Martin V.Irrigation SpecialistRec & Parks29
Herriott Jr., WilliamPower TransmissionDWPN/D
Hoglin, GlenPower SupplyDWPN/D
Howard, PamelaPublic AffairsDWPN/D
Howe, StevenWater OperationsDWPN/D
Huang, JacobPower Constr./Maint.DWPN/D
Hunt, HerlindaCity Attorney OfficeDWPN/D
Jimenez, VictorianoTire RepairerGen. Services16
Johnson, DonniePower TransmissionDWPN/D
Kawala, Susan J.City AttorneyCity Attorney4
Kendrick, AerickRefuse Coll. Truck Op.Public Works19
Kim, Lydia HyoilAccounting ClerkAirports30
Kitching, EdwardWater DistributionDWPN/D
Lacount Sr., FrankieWater DistributionDWPN/D
Lench, Daniel M.ParalegalCity Attorney16
Licea, MercedCustodianAirports14
Lim, SutoyoWater EngineeringDWPN/D
Lloyd, JosephineCrossing GuardTransportation7
Lontok, IgnacioWater DistributionDWPN/D
Maldonado, Pedro R.Refuse Coll. Truck Op.Public Works18
Manukyan, Gayk H.Sr. Build. Mech. Insp.Bldg. & Safety20
Mays, James WilliamTraffic OfficerTransportation22
McAllister-Phillipus, AdaWater QualityDWPN/D
McKibbin, Brian M.Sr. Systems AnalystITA30
McKnight, CarolineHuman ResourcesDWPN/D
Mehrkhodavandi, HoushangMgmt. AnalystTransportation33
Miller Jr., GeorgeWater QualityDWPN/D
Mitchell, BrianWater DistributionDWPN/D
Moe, FrederickITSDWPN/D
Morgan, Reece A.Park Maint. Super.Rec & Parks20
Naglich, FrankSafetyDWPN/D
Neff, JamesWater EngineeringDWPN/D
Nerio, JohnWater DistributionDWPN/D
Nguyen, CanPower SupplyDWPN/D
Oliva, TeresaAirport GuideAirports19
Onishi, EugenePower TransmissionDWPN/D
Orozco, DavidPower TransmissionDWPN/D
Orozco, Linda R.Admin. ClerkLibrary20
Paialii, GoddardITSDWPN/D
Palmer, CalvinCustodianAirports16
Patzakis, Theresa AnnAsst. City AttorneyCity Attorney22
Peters, Margaret M.Sr. Police Srv. RepLAPD31
Pody, TeresaStoresDWPN/D
Poursabahian, SiavoshSr. Structural Eng.Bldg. & Safety30
Preciado, FrankWater DistributionDWPN/D
Ramos, Denice E.CustodianAirports19
Reed, Stephen E.Sr. Building Insp.Bldg. & Safety18
Resong, JosephWater DistributionDWPN/D
Rocca, JosephPower Constr./Maint.DWPN/D
Rodriguez, GuillermoPower TransmissionDWPN/D
Rollins, BrianPower SupplyDWPN/D
Rosas, JefferyConstr./Maint. Supt.Gen. Services31
Sargsyan, AraAsst. Dep. Supt. of Bldg.Bldg. & Safety19
Shakour, Yahya Z.Security OfficerLAPD12
Singson, MichaelCustomer ServiceDWPN/D
Suh, SeongEnergy DistributionDWPN/D
Timmons, GuyFleet ServicesDWPN/D
Tomoling, TeresaCustomer BillingDWPN/D
Torrence, DewayneRefuse Coll. Truck Op.Public Works36
Torres, HumbertoPower SupplyDWPN/D
Villa Agustin, VictoriaChief Mgmt. AnlystPublic Works34
Virzi, AndrewAccountingDWPN/D
Wilson, Adria L.Recreation Coord.Rec & Parks11
Worthy, John S.Television EngineerITA19
Yamaguchi, TadFleet ServicesDWPN/D
Zari, ReubenCustomer ServiceDWPN/D