Here’s a listing of all those who retired from the City this month.

To all we say, welcome to the Best Years!


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Aflaki, RoshanakWastewater ManagerPublic Works29
Agravante, Leon F.Sr. AuditorHousing29
Alvarez, MaryRetirement PlanDWPNot Disclosed
Armijo, Diana ElizabethSr. Traffic SupervisorTransportation30
Arredondo, AnnetteSr. Management AnalystLAPD38
Arzadon, Nicanor AzurinLab TechPublic Works15
Atwell, Bradley JayArchitectural AssociatePublic Works23
Autran, Francisco H.Gardener CaretakerRec and Parks30
Baldwin, Stephen ErnestMechanic HelperLAFD24
Barajas, OctavioRefuse Collection Truck OperatorPublic Works31
Barajas, RamonFacilities ManagementDWPNot Disclosed
Baraoidan, WendyWater EngineeringDWPNot Disclosed
Barkhuff, MichaelPower TransmissionDWPNot Disclosed
Bodeen, MarkEnv. Chem LabDWPNot Disclosed
Brimsey, Arletta M.Dep. City AttorneyCity Attorney32
Bustillos, VictorPower SupplyDWPNot Disclosed
Casey, Mark J.Pr. InspectorBuilding and Safety30
Chavez, JuliaEconomic AnalystHousing32
Collins, BruceSupply ChainDWPNot Disclosed
Corral, AndyGardener CaretakerRec and Parks20
Covington, Valerie D.Police Service RepLAPD30
Cristo, PatriciaAdministrative ClerkLibrary14
Cromer, Andrew K.Pr. InspectorBuilding and Safety32
Cruz, RichardWater DistributionDWPNot Disclosed
Cullen, StephenFleet ServicesDWPNot Disclosed
Dalaten, Josephine AlviarPersonnel AnalystPersonnel25
Dane, Orel J.Special Prog. AssistantRec and Parks6
Daneri, Dominic T.Sr. Building Mech. InspectorBuilding and Safety20
Daniels, Debbie LeeCriminalistLAPD32
De Anda, Raul C.Signal System SupervisorTransportation48
De Oca, John MontesCommunications ElectricianITA20
Delia, AnthonyFleet ServicesDWPNot Disclosed
Dial, JuanFinance Development OfficerHousing8
Drew, Robert C.CustodianGeneral Services19
Echano, Ciriaco L.AccountantAirports18
Ellison, Kathleen P.Sr. LibrarianLibrary30
Escamilla, Jesus A.Transportation Engineering AssociateTransportation16
Fajardo, Alfredo A.Sr. Building Operating EngineerGeneral Services35
Falcon, PennyWater ExecutiveDWPNot Disclosed
Fermin, Anabella N.Management AnalystLAPD32
Fleischer, Georgia A.Supply Systems Payment ClerkGeneral Services30
Fong, Lilly L.Sr. Management AnalystITA17
Friedman, Martin HowardTree SurgeonRec and Parks32
Fulton, Gina RaeSr. Administrative ClerkLAPD13
Garcia, Reynaldo VicenteHelicopter Mechanic SupervisorGeneral Services32
Geli, EdilbertoMetering ServicesDWPNot Disclosed
Georgescu, EcaterinaGeo. Info. Systems Sp.Public Works31
Gomez, MelecioIntegrated SupportDWPNot Disclosed
Gonzaga Sitton, Rizamari C.Mayoral AideMayor’s Office1
Gracia, Martha ArabellaSr. Administrative ClerkLAPD33
Guevara, Janice LynnExec. AssistantAirports31
Gurrola, LuisMetering ServicesDWPNot Disclosed
Hardy, Catherine JewelPolice Service RepLAPD31
Harper, William M.Plumber SupervisorRec and Parks31
Harvey, Garth A.CustodianAirports15
Hedgeman, LetieiaCustomer ServicesDWPNot Disclosed
Herrington, JamesSupply ChainDWPNot Disclosed
Hill, Amabel F.Tax Compliance OfficerFinance30
Hornsby, GregoryCustomer ServiceDWPNot Disclosed
Hwang, Feng Lian T.Accounting ClerkITA32
Jimenez, GriseldaSupply Services Payment ClerkGeneral Services33
Kemp, Lori L.Deputy City AttorneyCity Attorney32
Khaghany, KevinIntegrated SupportDWPNot Disclosed
Lee, Esther S.Supply Services Payment ClerkGeneral Services34
Lee, Tony S.Plant Equipment TraineePublic Works7
Lewis, Edward Power SupplyDWPNot Disclosed
Lewis, Henry C.Custodian AirportAirports19
Lipaite, LivijaArt InstructorCultural Affairs16
Lowe, Ronald AldenMayoral AideMayor’s Office8
Lu, Cathy A.LibrarianLibrary25
Macauley, Lisa MarieWastewater Treatment OperatorPublic Works18
Madani, HamidCivil Engineering AssociatePublic Works25
Mason, Jacquelyn R.Dep. City AttorneyCity Attorney31
McCloud, CarltonPower TransmissionDWPNot Disclosed
McFadden, Irene DennisPolice Service RepLAPD32
Michel, Rosie MariaDirectorPersonnel38
Mikkelson, Dante N.Heavy Duty Equip. Mech.LAFD10
Miller, LawrenceWater DistributionDWPNot Disclosed
Miller, MauricePower OperatingDWPNot Disclosed
Miller, Stephen EllisIndep. Fire CommissionLAFD4
Moore, ChristopherReprographic OperatorLAPD28
Moore, JosephineLegal SecretaryCity Attorney38
Moreno, OliviaCustodianAirports12
Noel, William J.Equipment OperatorRec and Parks23
Nosrat, SolieSystems ProgrammerITA28
O’Kelley-Hendricks, KatieFacility DirectorRec and Parks31
Ortega, GloriaIntegrated SupportDWPNot Disclosed
Owens Sanchez, Elaine E.Sr. Admin. AnalystCAO30
Packard, Michael R.Chief InspectorBuilding and Safety38
Pantoja Jr., BenjaminMetering ServicesDWPNot Disclosed
Parise, JacquelineWater EngineeringDWPNot Disclosed
Park, Debra AnnAdmin. ClerkLAPD26
Pech, LehiPower TransmissionDWPNot Disclosed
Pezeshkian, Vahan HovnanTransportation EngineerTransportation33
Piper, Ronald A.Signal System ElectricianTransportation46
Presberg, Steven E.Sr. Personnel AnalystPersonnel30
Puchalski, Thomas D.Sr. Management AnalystFire/Police Pensions24
Raftevold, CynthiaPower SupplyDWPNot Disclosed
Ramirez, Maria Y.CustodianAirports16
Razepoor, NasserStructural EngineerPublic Works29
Renwick, MichaelWater QualityDWPNot Disclosed
Resch, DanielWater OperationsDWPNot Disclosed
Richardson, StanleyWater OperationsDWPNot Disclosed
Robottom, Suzette A.Sr. Personnel AnalystAirports26
Russell, Adrianne CeciliaTraffic OfficerTransportation30
Segura, Francine LorettaAdministrative ClerkLAPD12
Shanto, Michael P.Facility ManagerRec and Parks32
Sharaf, CarySupt. of OperationsAirports17
Shepherd, David T.Deputy City AttorneyCity Attorney30
Skacan, PeterWater QualityDWPNot Disclosed
Spires, Teresa LynnetManagement AnalystLAPD37
Steele, Timothy L.Masonry WorkerPublic Works21
Sy Su, Eden U.Administrative ClerkRec and Parks8
Sy Su, Ramon G.Sr. AccountantPublic Works28
Taylor, Robert M.Systems ProgrammerITA32
Tolentino, Nicanor C.Civil Engineering AssociatePublic Works30
Tomines, Aida BaquiranSr. AccountantController30
Tonnies, Jeanette L.Veterinary TechnicianZoo32
Tran, Van NguyetSr. Legal ClerkCity Attorney29
Tsui, Vincent W.Rec. SupervisorLACERS23
Valdivia, TeresaSpecial Program AssistantRec and Parks1
Vasquez, Ruben B.DirectorPersonnel30
Ventura, Richard M.Building Mechanical InspectorBuilding and Safety16
Washington, Jamesina L.Traffic OfficerTransportation30
Wilder, Robyn L.Chief Benefits AnalystFire/Police Pensions27
Wilson, ClarencePlumberRec and Parks12
Wong, AmphornSr. Environmental Compliance Insp.Public Works30
Woo, PhanAdministrative ClerkLAPD34
Wu, Sheree ChialiProgrammer/AnalystLACERS15
Yamauchi, Collin YoshihiroCriminalistLAPD29
Yasaki, Kenneth BrucePolice Service RepLAPD28
Yonamine, DarylStreet Utility CoordinationDWPNot Disclosed
Youssef, Bolganin ZakiForensic Print SpecialistLAPD24
Zovak, Douglas AlbertEquipment OperatorPublic Works30