Restoration in Progress

Project Restore is working on City Hall murals to bring them back to life.

General Services/Project Restore: Those who work in (or visit) City Hall and are not working remotely might have noticed that the building’s beautiful murals are coming back to life. That’s because of an ongoing project managed by General Services’ Project Restore – it’s cleaning up the murals to their original condition.

“The murals in City Hall require constant attention,” Kevin Jew, Project Restore’s head, told Alive! “We are conserving/restoring different ceiling murals on a continuous basis. About four or five years ago, we restored the ceiling murals in the North Hallway and the East Rotunda. Last year (2020) we had to repaint the mural in the south ceiling of the Board of Public Works Session Room.

“Currently we are in the midst of restoring murals in two areas – the lobby to Mayor’s Office (95 percent complete as of this writing), and we have started restoring the ceiling mural in the Spring Street vestibule.”

Project Restore is implementing the first stages of a long-term plan for the conservation of more than 50,000 square feet of decorative paint and murals. Following a year of research, paint analysis and a complete survey of the building’s environmental readings, Project Restore developed its current in-depth conservation and restoration plan.

Alive! hopes to have much more on this important project as soon as access to City buildings is expanded as the pandemic eases. Stay tuned!