Reiko Kerr, first woman to lead LADWP’s Power System, retires.

Information courtesy LADWP

Reiko Kerr

Reiko Kerr, then first woman to lead LADWP’s Power System, retired June 29 and leaves an indelible mark as an advocate for women at the department and for leading the Power System through a transformative period. She leaves with five years of City service.

She came to the LADWP from the City of Riverside, where she worked for 16 years.

Reiko Kerr, Sr. Assistant General Manager of Power System Engineering, Planning and Technical Services, co-led the Power System with Andrew C. Kendall, Sr. Assistant General Manager of Power System Construction, Maintenance and Operations. Kerr managed all aspects of the Power System’s critical engineering and planning functions including: generation, transmission, and distribution engineering, business development, renewable energy programs, and contract administration. In addition, Kerr was responsible for developing strategies to transition toward a sustainable energy future, improving public accountability, and developing the next generation workforce.

She graduated from Cal State University, San Bernardino with a bachelor’s degree in administration with a concentration in accounting and earned her CPA license in 1997.

She has now joined MEAG Power in Atlanta as Sr. Vice President and Chief Financial Officer.

Congratulations on your retirement, Reiko.