Photos by the Club, and courtesy the Orland family


hil Orland – active Club Board Member; Retired, Rec and Parks; US Navy veteran; and former RLACEI Board Member – died Aug. 16. He was 75 and had served the City for 35 years.

Penny and Phil Orland.

Phil managed recreation programs for all ages as Principal Recreation Supervisor for Rec and Parks. He worked for the City from 1975 to 2010.

“Phil began working for the City of Los Angeles in Rec and Parks after serving in Vietnam,” his widow, Penny, wrote in a remembrance. “He was a very faithful worker and a great boss. He helped many young workers early in their careers. He could never understand how bosses could be intimidated by smart subordinates. He felt capable workers made him look better and always gave them credit.”

Phil Orland loved to travel.

In retirement, he joined the Club Board in 2018 and was an active Board Member at the time of his death.

Phil stayed active in retirement. He was a member of the board of directors for the Retired Los Angeles City Employees, Inc. (RLACEI), coordinating educational seminars for Retirees on the Affordable Care Act and financial planning. He also played an important role in promoting LACERS’ wellness program, designed to help Retired members enjoy a healthy and active retirement.

Phil and family.

He was a board member for the professional organization Men in Leisure Services, raising money to provide training and networking opportunities for those in recreation. The Brea resident was also a board member for the Retired Senior Volunteer Program in Orange County and was an ambassador to the Korean Bell of Friendship Committee.

He volunteered on wellness issues for the College of Health and Human Services at Cal State, Long Beach, and he received the 2015 Alumni Community Service Award from the school.

Phil serving the US Navy during the Vietnam conflict.

Phil served the U.S. Navy aboard the USS Henderson during the Vietnam conflict.

“He was definitely a people person,” Penny continues. “He made friends easily. After retirement, he would join several nonprofit groups/boards to help the community – RLACEI Retired Los Angeles City Employees; volunteer groups; Orange County senior community outreach; and others. He was always willing to help someone in need.

Phil Orland loved to travel with his wife, Penny.

“Even in the end, Phil did his best to resolve problems. On his last hospital stay, when they insisted on doing many tests, he longed to be home instead. He called and demanded I bring him home, but I said no. About an hour later, the nurse called to inform me that Phil had called 911 from the hospital phone to have the paramedics take him home from the hospital. True Phil ingenious.

Phil at home.

“Rest in peace my faithful and loyal companion.”

We offer condolences to his wife, Penny; extended family; friends; and former coworkers. n





Phil was an outstanding City employee and friend. We met while working for Rec and Parks, and we were able to work together on some projects in the LA Harbor Region.

Phil cared deeply about the community and the… people. He was patient, generous and always willing to step in and overcome challenges. As a Retired Member of LACERS, Phil would offer valuable insight into the experiences of our Members and ways in which we could expand outreach and access to our programs.

Phil exemplified the finest qualities of our dedicated City employees, and I am honored to have worked with him over the years. He will be missed by many.

— Neil M. Guglielmo,
General Manager LACERS


Phil Orland: A legacy of service.


’ll never forget the day I met Phil. He was a man with so much heart and spirit, always looking out for others before himself.

Phil Orland’s life was dedicated to serving others – a father, a husband, a friend, a dedicated civil servant, a community volunteer, a mentor, and a US Navy Vietnam veteran. He often spoke about his time as a U.S Navy seaman. During the Vietnam War, he served on one of our country’s destroyers named the USS Henderson. On top of that, Phil talked with excitement about his enriching experiences and career at the City of Los Angeles’ Recreation and Parks, where he managed recreation programs that covered all ages. He loved working for the City of LA, especially with the countless co-workers he met during his career journey. This resulted into an impressive network of friends and colleagues.

Phil Orland was a man of many hats, and his service to others will be remembered long after his passing. Phil was a man of great compassion and empathy, always looking out for others. He had strong opinions about politics, but it came from a good place in his heart because he wanted everyone to live their best lives possible. That’s why I’m so honored that this man considered me one such individual worthy enough for advice on how we could serve municipal Retirees together when he was a Board member for the Employees Club. That was the kind of man he was, always looking to help others.

May his legacy live on among the lives he touched. Rest in Peace, Phil.

— Robert Larios, President and CEO
Employees Club of California


The RLACEI Board of Directors expresses its deep sadness on the passing of Phil Orland. He was a man of service; everyone who crossed his path benefited just from meeting him. His love for the City of Los Angeles, the Dept. of Recreation and Parks, and of all who participated in any of the events he organized showed through his actions and positive attitude. His smile warmed hearts and his generosity was beyond compare. We extend our condolences to all Phil’s family and friends. Phil will be missed greatly, he was one of the few individuals who truly fit the words, “He was one of a kind.”

— Ruth Perry,
President, RLACEI



will always have a smile on my face when I think of Phil. He had a wealth of information, but one of my fondest memories is when he introduced me to Starbucks “Happy Hour”!

I met Phil in 1996 when we both worked for Recreation and Parks, Pacific Region. Phil would often drop by the office, and we would have a discussion on a variety of issues. We once again reconnected in 2019 when we both served on the board of Retired Los Angeles City Employees, Inc. (RLACEI). Although our views many times differed, he was a great friend; we enjoyed conversations on various topics and respected each other’s opinions and often laughed about our different perspectives. It is not often you can find someone you feel… completely comfortable with while disagreeing over a cup of chai latte!

Phil was dedicated to making the lives of others better. He was involved in many organizations to do just that. He loved to be of service. I am grateful for the years we shared and will miss him dearly.

— Beverly J. Clark,
Vice President, RLACEI



hough my interaction with Phil was brief during the Club Board meetings, his passion for the Club was infectious.

Sending thoughts of comfort to his family as they navigate during this difficult time.

— Arlene Herrero,
Vice President of Business Development
The Club



am so sorry to hear of Phil’s passing. He was such a joy to see at the few Retiree events I participated in. It sounds like he is at peace now. Sending some love to his family and prayers that they find comfort and joy in the memories they have of him.

His legacy will live on.

— Mariana Guevara,
Ticket and Benefit Procurement
The Club



hen I was a very young recreation professional in City of Los Angeles Dept. of Recreation and Parks, Phil was the training and exercise lead for my region. He taught me the basics of city government, finance, and the system. New to the department, I did not always understand why, however Phil told me that these tools are for my toolbox. I might not use them now, he told me, but one day I will.

He was so right. I learned two things from him: 1) the recreation way and 2) no matter the difference between generations you will always learn from one another. There may be some differences, but the tools and the concepts are the same. When Phil retired, his passion for service and recreation did not end. Phil, thank you for your years of service, mentoring the new generation, and leaving a piece of yourself with RAP. You will be missed!

— Jackie Koci Tamayo,
Emergency Services Coordinator
Alameda County Superior Court
Club Ambassador



hil Orland, RLACEI Board Member, was a wonderful Club leader. He was always enthusiastic about new Club projects and supported our ideas and ultimate mission to celebrate the work and lives of municipal employees. We will miss him on our Board.

Rest in Peace, Phil.

— Noelle Kauffman,
Director of Sales
The Club


RIP Phil! Phil always valued attending Board meetings, whether it be in person or via conference call. Thank you for serving the LACEA board.

– Trinh Pham,
Sr. Accountant,
The Club