People We See: Special Edition

John Hawkins,
Association President

People We See: Signs Around Us

Association President John Hawkins, who produces Alive!’s “People We See” series of stories about the shelterless on LA streets, collects signs and posters created by the homeless humans he meets. He pays them for their posters so they can use the funds in their daily struggle, and he also gives them fresh cardboard and Sharpies to create new signs; “these signs reveal their best effort to survive,” he says.

John has kept most of the signs he has collected.

Recently, John has been preparing his collection in anticipation of what the Club plans to be an upcoming video about the history and impact of “People We See.”

Here are a few.

Collected in Los Angeles, date unknown.
Collected in Washington, DC, 2004.

The Club asks that you reach out and help those in need when you can.