People We See: Meet Todd Charles

In this feature, Association CEO John Hawkins introduces you to people you see every day,but you might not know who they are. The Club reminds you that we all have names and stories to tell.

Meet Todd Charles

John’s note: “Walking to work this morning, my eye caught a man in a wheelchair stopped in the middle of the sidewalk. He looked like so many of our homeless – ragged, distressed and lost. I happened to have some cash in my wallet so I gave it to him and then asked if he would mind if I interviewed him. He said sure.” 

Birthday: Nov. 3, 1967 (55 as of this writing)

Family life: “At 16 I emancipated myself from my parents and left home.”

Family: Married for 25 years to Soo. Daughters Elize and Christine. 

Education: Attended John Burroughs High School in Burbank, but dropped out in the middle of his senior year before graduation.

Religion: “Religiosity.”

Last job: Barclay’s Bank for many years.

Favorite candy: Gobstoppers (he and John shared a laugh remembering the film Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory with Gene Wilder).

Favorite TV shows: The Pink Panther (cartoon and movies), Get Smart, The Six Million Dollar Man, I Dream of Jeannie (Todd knew the names of all the actors).

Top 3 Movies: The Story of Us (1999), Scarface and Coma.

Last meal: Fried rice (the previous night).

Addiction: “Meth for some time now,” he told John H.

Make a wish: “Work with Paul Lynde (from The Hollywood Squares game show) work with me on a TV show.”

Association CEO John Hawkins and Mark DeLon.

The interview was conducted by John Hawkins, CEO, Los Angeles City Employees Association on Aug. 31, 2023, at Spring and Fourth Streets downtown. • The Club gave Todd spending cash for meals.