PEOPLE WE SEE: Meet Terri Anderson.

In this feature, the Club introduces you to people you see every day, but you might not know who they are. The Club reminds you that we all have names and stories to tell.

Lives in a broken-down RV.
Wants to help people.
Here’s her story.

Age: 59.

Previous home: Western New York.

How long in LA: “Since last Tuesday.” (Interview took place last October.)

Family life: “I have two daughters back home, and one daughter out here.”

Living in an RV: “It’s been really rough. My RV keeps breaking down. I don’t have any way to charge my phone, and now my RV won’t start. Yesterday, I was visiting my daughter, and I got a [parking] ticket. I don’t have the money for that. I just want to go home.”

Reason for moving to LA: “I wanted to help people because they show so much on TV back home [New York] that people are homeless and destitute and don’t have anything. I thought I could come out here and make a difference. Now I’m finding out it’s harder than anyone could ever imagine. I wanted to help people, and now I need help.”

Growing up: “We would all go down in the middle of the summer and dig through [the town dump] to get toys. That’s how we got toys. We never knew Mom and Dad were suffering.”

Communication: “Communication is a huge thing for people who are down and out. I can’t believe how hard it is to ask [for help]. I’m not lowering myself to ask for help.”

What if: “Some people are really desperate. I’m a little better off because I do have an RV to sleep in I’m out of the majority of elements. I saw there are people living in the woods, and I’m like, ‘Oh my God. What happens if that ends up being me?’”

Favorite book: “I love D.C. Andrews books. They’re about the hardships of rich people. I have like 68 books. I have some books by Stephen King, but they’re so sick.”

Making a living: “I used to trap animals. For six years I trapped muskrats and raccoons. That was quite the experience, checking your traps every single day in the middle of winter.”

Hobby: “I’m an avid rock collector.”

Make a wish: “This is a life of hardship. I just want to go home.”

Advice for everyday people: “Stay good to yourself Try desperately to be a good person. Pick up your boots and get back on the horse.”

The interview, conducted by guest interviewer Shawn Dworkin (above, left), took place last October near the Northridge Recreation Center.

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