The Club’s historic “Care Calls” project has concluded.


The Club’s historic “Care Calls” project – to call all 48,134 active Members to say hello and check on how you’re doing during the current coronavirus pandemic – has concluded. What an incredible project!

It was truly an awesome project, reaching to all Members one at a time, for the first time in Club history. We loved talking to each and every one of you!

The project started March 27 by calling all Retired Members. When that was completed, Club staff began calling all active members. The entire project finished Oct. 13.

Approximately 30 Club staffers made calls and connected with Members.

We also fulfilled 1,105 requests from Club Members for hard-to-find materials they needed. Here’s a final list of the 19,466 products we shipped to Club Members, and how many of each:


Gloves: 10,640
Masks: 6743
Hand Sanitizer: 652 bottles
Toilet Paper: 636 rolls
Paper Towels: 225 rolls
Sanitary Wipes: 144
Wipes: 100 wipes
Food Items: 100
Depends Adult Undergarments: 34
Pampers Diapers: 32
Tissues Boxes: 19
Cat Food: 18
Hearing Aid Batteries: 18
Clorox EZ-Kill Wipes: 16 canisters
Laundry Detergent: 10
Dish Soap: 10
Hats: 7
Tooth paste: 4
Body Wash: 4
Sugar: 4
Napkins: 4
Hand Soap: 4
Thermometers: 3
Trash Bags: 3
Deodorant Sticks: 3
Cleaning Sponges: 3
Cereal: 3 boxes
Tylenol: 3
Alcohol Pads: 2
Paper Plates: 2
Printer Ink: 2
Hydrogen Peroxide: 2 bottles
Vicks VapoRub: 2
Pine-Sol: 2
Airborne Tablets: 2
Aloe Vera Gel: 1
Light Bulbs: 1
Elastic: 1
Dog Food: 1
Coffee Grounds: 1
Alcohol: 1
Flour: 1
Brita Water Filter: 1
Desk Lamp: 1
Printer Paper: 1

Thank You Club Members

“Here’s a big thank-you to all Club Members who said hello and told us how much they love being a part of the Club. We appreciate you right back! Thanks for being part of Club history.”
— Club CEO John Hawkins

Thank You Club Staff Callers

Some 30 Club staff members took on the historic mission to call all 48,134 active Club Members as part of the Club “Care Calls” project. Pictured here are two staffers who called the Members. Well done, staff!


Meet the Callers

Some 30 Club staff members  called all active Club Members as part of the Club “Care Calls” project. Pictured here are some of those staffers. Tell them we said hello!