Alive! Around the World: Carlsbad, New York City


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Capt. Barnes Goes to Carlsbad

Intrepid Club traveler Capt. Michael Barnes, Retired, Harbor, takes us to Carlsbad after stay-at-home eases.

By Capt. Michael Barnes, Retired, Harbor

With the opening up of southern California for Memorial Day weekend, we decided to take a safe-distance trip to Carlsbad. On the way down we practiced safe distancing, and we did not get too close to other cars, making it in just over an hour and a half.

We stayed with our Italian cousin in their lovely apartment overlooking the beach. They also just happened to own a couple of Italian restaurants in downtown Carlsbad on the beach, so we could maintain social distancing quite easily while enjoying a cocktail or two. All bars and restaurants in this part of the world displayed the no-mask, no-service sign, which is nice for the service staff.

Our late mornings and afternoons were spent sitting on the balcony sipping ice cold adult beverages while watching the surfers and beach crowed both in and out of the water. Most people obeyed the rules and wore an assortment of facemasks while maintaining social distancing, but there was always the odd moron who thought it did not apply to them. What’s the saying, “Give me liberty or give me death.” Tip: It’s not about you, it’s about other people. If you do not want to conform, stay home and we will be safe.

New York City

“I was in New York City in the Philippine Embassy in July 2019.”
– Corleto Manuel, Building and Safety