Lifes Moments: In Memoriam February 2024

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We honor those who have passed away and recognize their lifelong service to the City of Los Angeles. Their lives mattered to our City and our region.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of the following current and Retired City employees who were reported to have passed away.


In Memoriam

Note: If you wish to have a listing deleted from our online posting of these death notices, please email us at, stating the name and department of the deceased, and your relation to that person. We derive our lists from official public records provided by the City and LADWP.

Active (name, dept., years of service)

Betsoi, Robert LADWP 38
Cardenas, Esequiel Public Works 24
Dominguez, Edgar R. Public Works 7
Pena, Raymond LAPD 16
Rivera, Maria I. Rec and Parks 14
Sanchez, Robert Public Works 
Tagudena, Eduardo L. General Services 23
Tucker, William H. LADWP 31
Vargas III, Frank M. LADOT 6

Retired (name, dept., years of service)

Alva, Carmen – –
Apodaca, Nick – –
Araujo, Joe Public Works 30
Battle, Louis C. LADOT 28
Bermudez, Martha General Services 20
Birt, Edward Public Works 15
Burley, Dennis R. LADWP 30
Calderon, Lawrence M. Airports/LADWP 14/21
Campbell, Gerald S. LADWP 33
Cano, Juan M. Rec and Parks 33
Carr, Nancy C. Public Works 18
Castaneda, Porfiria – –
Chew, Florence – –
Dodson, James W. – –
Elgin, Raymond C. – 25
Espinoza, Richard A. Public Works 22
Feldman, Robert L. LADWP 24
Fernandez, Isabel Z. – –
Francisco, Rene D. General Services 4
Garcia, Anatolio C. LADWP 25
Garcia, Louie R. Rec and Parks 36
Gilmore, Deonna Public Works 36
Gomez, Cruz R. LADWP 36
Gring, Newton P. Airports 29
Hanson, Norman D. – –
Jackson, Wilma LADWP 34
Johnson, Ercelle O. Public Works 10
Kalfell, Luz E. LADWP 14
Kiser, Donald I. LADWP 22
Knokey, David J. City Attorney 41
Kruse, Wayne E. LADWP 33
Lopez, Henry D. LADWP 31
Loquet, Dixie L. LADWP 27
Lucky, Gary L. LADWP 33
Melchor, Robb S. Animal Services 25
Mata, Olga S. Building and Safety 18
Matheney, Pearlie W. LADWP 30
McNabb, Danny J. LADWP 20
Medina, Ruben L. LADWP 19
Murai, Kazuo – –
Naro, Froilan P. Public Works 29
Nowak, Michael A. LADWP 35
Pearson, James H. – –
Powell, Wayne W. LADWP 25
Reily, Douglas M. Public Works 17
Rivero, Pablo J. Public Works 29
Telles, Richard J. Rec and Parks 34
Thagard, Glenn J. LADWP 25
Tuyco, Lory S. LADWP 32
Tyner, William B. LADWP 39
Vann, Anthony N. Harbor 18
Vanvakaris, Mark J. LADWP 37
Vega, Mike V. Public Works 30
Whittemore, Franklin E. LADWP 33
Williams, Alex Public Works 20
Williams, Kenneth LADWP 36
Yamaoka, Teruko LADWP 25
Yoseph, Tadelle LADWP 37