Lifes Moments: In Memoriam August 2023

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We honor those who have passed away and recognize their lifelong service to the City of Los Angeles. Their lives mattered to our City and our region.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of the following current and Retired City employees who were reported to have passed away.


In Memoriam

Note: If you wish to have a listing deleted from our online posting of these death notices, please email us at, stating the name and department of the deceased, and your relation to that person. We derive our lists from official public records provided by the City and LADWP.

Active (name, dept., years of service)

Chamberlain, Rodney D. Public Works 15
Freeman, Larry Harbor 22
Kastelic Jr., Frank L. LADWP 4
Lloyd, Amelia Manuel Gen. Services 24
Manuel, James Corleto A. Building and Safety 8
Molina, Robert L. Public Works 15

Retired (name, dept., years of service)

Aftoora, Gary L. LADWP 19
Aguilar, Rafael H. N/D N/D
Arenas, Eulalio B. Public Works 32
Asencio, Caroline E. El Pueblo Hist. Mon. 41
Barili, Robert N/D N/D
Bolhayon, Victor D. Airports 11
Burns, Michael J. Public Works 34
Cacho, Grace M. LADWP 27
Cassell, Dorothy J. LADWP 35
Cummins, Roger A. LADWP 36
Davila Jr., Jesus D. LADWP 32
Davis-Hill, Katrina N/D N/D
Dux, John T. LADWP 26
Ehrlich, Helene N/D N/D
Fabro, Melly L LADWP 19
Gawthrop, Howard W. Public Works 15
Harrell, Ann Marie N/D N/D
Hudson, Danny Personnel 18
Kausteklis, Peter A. Public Works 24
Korand, Rameswari V. Public Works 27
Lamberson, Shirley A. N/D N/D
Martinez, Natalio W. LADWP 37
Matayoshi, John LADWP 18
Maxwell, Helga E. Gen. Services 18
May, Steven M. LADWP 33
Mendoza, Larry Public Works 21
Mendoza, Manuel J. N/D N/D
Morales, Angel LADWP 36
Mosley, Chandra V. LADWP 30
Navarro, Antonia N/D N/D
Neroes, James W. N/D N/D
Nettles, Edward W. Public Works 46
Oka, Terumasa N/D N/D
Oswald, Everette M. LADWP 20
Owsley, Thomas B. Public Works 42
Paniagua, Ernest E. LADWP 25
Patel, Rajnikant D. Public Works 30
Pena, Francisco J. Public Works 28
Perez, Jesus LADWP 23
Proctor, Richard P. Public Works 35
Quinton, Wayne A. Airports 41
Ramos, Romeo G. Gen. Services 12
Reimer, Nelson V. N/D N/D
Rowe, Stephen E. N/D N/D
Santiago, Lourdes A. Public Works 23
Sellheim, Michael H. LADWP 33
Sewald, Joan Airports 40
Schubert, Nelly P. N/D N/D
Sumi, Elsie K. N/D N/D
Ter Ghevondian, Vartan City Attorney 23
Thomas, Dawayne LADWP 27
Thomsen, Jonathan W. LADWP 33
True, Cheryl D. Public Works 34
Turner, Arthur Airports 21
Valenzuela, Richard J. Public Works 28
Vinson, Nelson S. Transportation 26
Wilson, Bernard J. Airports 30
Wynn, Laverne LADWP 27
Yamamoto, Ken LAPD 24
Young, Yolana C. LAPD 33

N/D = not disclosed