In Memoriam: January 2023

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We honor those who have passed away and recognize their lifelong service to the City of Los Angeles. Their lives mattered to our City and our region.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of the following current and Retired City employees who were reported to have passed away.


In Memoriam

Note: If you wish to have a listing deleted from our online posting of these death notices, please email us at, stating the name and department of the deceased, and your relation to that person. We derive our lists from official public records provided by the City and LADWP.

Active (name, dept., years of service)

Acord, April L. CAO 15
Coronado, Celvin A. LADWP 15
Cruz-Rivas, Samuel A. Bldg. & Safety 5
Flores, Charlie G. General Services 2
Manzo, David LADWP 4
Nemec, Joseph V. Library 15
Palmer, C.A. General Services 35

Retired (name, dept., years of service)

Adams, Emile LADWP 32
Alayu, Orlando P. Rec and Parks 35
Ancheta, Lourdes C. Controller 24
Angotti, Shirley M. LADOT 17
Araujo, Herman R. LADOT 19
Atkins, Floyd LADWP 25
Ayson, Jesus F. Airports 13
Barillas, Rufina M. LADWP 27
Bass, Robert N/D N/D
Boutte, Margaret M. LADOT 15
Bowers, Kenneth H. Airports 25
Browne, Fletcher H. N/D N/D
Buck, Lawrence N/D N/D
Bynum, Emerson L. N/D N/D
Carter, Antoinette M. N/D N/D
Castillo, John M. Public Works 30
Choe, Young LADWP 10
Cox, Milton Airports 37
Crellin, Dayne D. N/D N/D
Culpepper, Ruth M. Library 21
Cunningham, Oliver N/D N/D
Curdes, Sandra A. LADWP 32
Dang, Thinh T. Airports 13
Daugherty, Stanley E. LADWP 12
Davenport, Ralph G. LADWP 32
Denton, Glanner F. City Attorney 26
Diaz, Thomas M. LADWP 39
Downs, Floydell LADWP 32
Dreher, Lawrence L. N/D N/D
El Saheb, Naser S. Public Works 30
Flores, Pete N/D N/D
Foley, Janice M. LADWP 32
Fountaine, Gwendolyn A. LADOT 9
Fuchs, Howard M. City Attorney 29
Gonzalez, Everardo Airports 11
Harbin, Ronnie D. LADWP 31
Hepburn, Walter J. N/D N/D
Howard, Robert J. N/D N/D
Hull, Jerry R. LADWP 27
Jackson, James N. N/D N/D
Johnson, Harvard A. LADWP 38
Kaya, Winston, T. N/D N/D
Larson, Harry W. N/D N/D
Leacher, Guy N/D N/D
Licon, Ramon P. Public Works 34
McGee, David E. LADWP 29
McLaughlin, James F. Mayor’s Office 21
Miller, Gerald F. N/D N/D
Moreno, Dorine W. Public Works 30
Nittinger, Carolyn N. LADWP 40
Oda, Frank T. LADWP 38
Parra, Dean C. LAPD 18
Perry, Clarence J. N/D N/D
Piechura, Donald R. N/D N/D
Pongvarin, Suree General Services 15
Rao, Joe Ling Public Works 23
Rashkin, Lewis H. LADWP 35
Rezamand, Mohammad LADWP 32
Rodriguez, Arthur Rec and Parks 31
Schaad, George A. N/D N/D
Simmons, R.D. LADWP 39
Sisson, Mary S. LADWP 24
Smith, Launa LADWP 29
Sneidmiller, John R. LADWP 20
Snyder, Darla L. N/D N/D
Stonebreaker, Larry L. Housing 35
Thompson, Canon W. N/D N/D
Tucker, Ronald L. General Services 23
Valdez, Jose M. Rec and Parks 22
Villafana, Henry S. N/D N/D
Wade, Daniel N/D N/D
Wecker, Robert C. Public Works 36
Weissman, George E. N/D N/D
Wells, Marilyn M. Airports 38
Williams, Virginia N/D N/D
Willingham, John W. Rec and Parks 27
Wilson, Richard B. LADWP 28
Woods, King R. N/D N/D

N/D = not disclosed