In Memoriam: November 2022

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We honor those who have passed away and recognize their lifelong service to the City of Los Angeles. Their lives mattered to our City and our region.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of the following current and Retired City employees who were reported to have passed away.


In Memoriam

Note: If you wish to have a listing deleted from our online posting of these death notices, please email us at, stating the name and department of the deceased, and your relation to that person. We derive our lists from official public records provided by the City and LADWP.

Active (name, dept., years of service)

Alatorre, Jose L. Airports 13
Butler, Gabriel F. Rec and Parks 4
Cassel, Donald A. LADWP 42
Mendoza, Michael R. LADWP 30
Naguib, Camelia LAPD 10
Piazza, Francis E. LADOT 15
Sullivan, Tara R. Council 2

Retired (name, dept., years of service)

Alfaro, Leslie H. LAPD 32
Bernal, Fred LADWP 30
Birch, Mack LADWP 29
Bowen, Roosevelt N/D N/D
Clark, Robert C. LADWP 25
Clark, Ronald L. Rec and Parks 17
Cotton, Sheldon Airports 38
Dall, Marjorie G. Rec and Parks 35
Dolan, David E. City Attorney 28
Duhme, Betty L. N/D N/D
Foote, Wilson H. LADWP 38
Fowler, Alfred H. LADWP 31
Gaffney, Mary J. Library 10
Garcia, Ernest N/D N/D
Hardaway James, Dorothy Finance 26
Harlan, Patrick J. LADWP 30
Homiller, Norman C. LADWP 36
Hovasapian, Papkin K. General Services 38
Itomura, Richard G. Public Works 24
Jepson, Richard L. N/D N/D
Jones, Matthew N/D N/D
Kirby, Samuel D. LADWP 30
Langton, Stephen J. LADWP 27
Lankau, Robert J. LADWP 21
Lenzy, Melvin LADWP 13
Lewis, Lee C. N/D N/D
Lewis, Reggie R. Rec and Parks 26
Logan, Barry Public Works 36
Lopez, Patricia A. Library 33
Lyday, Donald E. N/D N/D
Lyles, Samuel N/D N/D
Madison, John E. LAPD 31
Manzano, Angel City Attorney 16
Matsumura, Wakatsu N/D N/D
McKinley, Joe D. N/D N/D
McKinney, Marina S. General Services 36
Odorica, Leon M. LADWP 36
Patitucci, Ronald C. General Services 41
Rahim, Khalid ITA 13
Reed, Stephen E. Building and Safety 18
Sakamoto, Neil M. LADWP 28
Sher, Arthur L. N/D N/D
Smith, Alonzo Rec and Parks 44
Smith, Yvetta D. LADWP 31
Smuckler, Steven J. LADWP 28
Snodgrass, Jack D. LAPD 21
Tomines, Aida B. Controller 30
Villegas, Santiago Q. LADWP 27
Walker, James C. Public Works 31
Washington, Booker N/D N/D
Wasserman, Simon LADWP 1
Wesier, John K. N/D N/D
Williams, Gary T. N/D N/D
Yamaguchi, Grant K. LADWP 30
Yuge, Shigeo LADWP 31
Zaferes, Demetrios A. Harbor 23

N/D = not disclosed