Life’s Important Moments: In Memoriam September 2022

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In Memoriam

Our thoughts and condolences are with the family and friends of the following current and retired City employees who have passed away. The number after the name indicates years of service.

Active (name, dept., years of service)

Ferido, Neil Airports 2
Gallagher, Donald P. Bldg. & Safety 9
Matias II, Amor F. Livability Services 1
White, Theodore R. Rec and Parks 2

Retired (name, dept., years of service)

Aarabifard, Mohammad N. Public Works 28
Allen, Annie R. LADWP 15
Anderson, Arthur J. N/D N/D
Anderson, Bernard Bldg. & Safety 33
Andujo, Victor M. LADWP 35
Audesse, Raymond M. LADWP 13
Bales, Steven E. LADWP 28
Bautista, Ramon G. N/D N/D
Bonner, Maxine L. LADWP 37
Bowen, Jean Controller’s Office 14
Boykin, Frank L. LADWP 20
Breuer, Norman G. LADWP 35
Briggs, Lynn R. N/D N/D
Bukowski, Joseph R. LADWP 32
Coudriet Portnof, Carol A. LAPD 10
Delarmente, Adelaida A. Gen. Services 15
DeLeon, Mary C. Transportation 12
Downs, Joyce J. LADWP 15
Elam, Christopher G. LADWP 5
Frausto, Manuel A. Rec and Parks 18
Fryer, Dennis L. LADWP 31
Garza, Americo N/D N/D
Gladbach, Edward G. LADWP 34
Godoy, Mary N/D N/D
Golemb, Sherrill N/D N/D
Hidalgo, Raul M. N/D N/D
Hollenbeck, Howard LADWP 40
Hotchkin, Evangeline P. LADWP 33
Jenkins, Henry L. N/D N/D
Judd, Terry D. LADWP 27
Kilbane, Brian J. Airports 33
Kingwill, James A. LADWP 31
La Hive, Mardi R. Housing 24
Mason, Richard L. City Attorney 11
McLawyer, Samuel N/D N/D
Meyer, William E. LADWP 24
Miller, Roosevelt N/D N/D
Munoz, Manuel J. Public Works 20
Munoz, Steven C. Public Works 36
Nabong, Emeline C. Fire/Police Pens. 13
Nguyen, Can N. LADWP 23
Oda, Jeun LADWP 28
Paez, Alfred H. LADWP 36
Pena, Roberto LADWP 38
Pulido, Steve G. Rec and Parks 35
Purdy, Florence E. N/D N/D
Salo, Richard O. N/D N/D
Sandt, Steven A. LADWP 25
Shukla, Mahesh N/D N/D
Simmons, Robert E. N/D N/D
Smith, Frederick L. LADWP 20
Sparks, Jack H. LADWP 35
Stiles, Dan C. Bldg. & Safety 28
Stinson, Dwayne A. N/D N/D
Tyler, Winston F. N/D N/D
Van Rossen, Francis T. LADWP 19
Vernon, William N/D N/D
Wallace, Andrew M. Public Works 19
Warsaw, Sylvester N/D N/D
Weaver, Aida D. LADWP 18
Weaver, Ervin Airports 16

N/D = not disclosed