Life’s Important Moments: In Memoriam May 2022

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In Memoriam

Our thoughts and condolences are with the family and friends of the following current and retired City employees who have passed away. The number after the name indicates years of service.

Active (name, dept., years of service)

Chun, Bobby J. LAPD 5
Juarez, Jose A. LADWP 21
Mabry, Christophe Public Works 17

Retired (name, dept., years of service)

Abenoja, Reynaldo R. Rec and Parks 16
Antranig, D. Afarian LADWP 10
Bovitch, Henrietta S. City Clerk 31
Bowman, Alana L. City Attorney 19
Brown, Jewelean N/D N/D
Burnett, Lonzell N/D N/D
Chapman, Alan A. Rec and Parks 14
Chong, Albert G. LADWP 31
Collins, Donald E. LADWP 23
Cottrill, Larry L. Harbor 21
Custodia, Marvin R. Transportation 6
Cruz, Rachel M. LADWP 36
Dahlberg, Charles A. N/D N/D
Davis, Donald B. LADWP 44
Dorrough Sr., Robert LADWP 12
Drohan Sr., Michael J. LAFD 30
Eggleston, Robert N/D N/D
Forrest, David E. Public Works 32
Fugate, Larry L. LAPD 12
Garcia, Isabel LADWP 24
Gonzales, Deanna C. N/D N/D
Gonzales, Eliseo A. Rec and Parks 24
Healy, Dudley N/D N/D
Hodges, James H. LADWP 30
Hull, Thomas E. Airports 30
King, Roy C. LADWP 29
La Roux, William P. LADWP 19
Larson, Betty Airports 3
Lespron, Joe LADWP 30
Levi, Herbert A. N/D N/D
Leyva, Augustine G. LADWP 33
Luke, Renee E. LADWP 32
Mancini, Samuel F. LADWP 29
Moore, John N/D N/D
Munoz Jr., Henry LADWP 32
O’Connor, Michael J. Planning 16
Okhanes, Bedros D. LADWP 30
Olivo, Sam Transportation 22
Pantaleon, D.G. N/D N/D
Pino, Donald J. Bldg. & Safety 7
Ramirez, David J. Public Works 37
Reynolds, Benjamin P. Personnel 24
Richter, Fred L. Airports 23
Ruiz, Robert V. LADWP 30
Sato, Sachio LADWP 25
Shadle, John P. N/D N/D
Shebanek, Louise M. LADWP 30
Sherman, Roger V. LADWP 34
Simpson, Wade N/D N/D
Smith, Kory R. Housing 31
Stockinger, Charles N/D N/D
Stoicof, Petre A. LAPD 35
Strasser, Thomas J. N/D N/D
Titus, King H. N/D N/D
Trestik, Donald A. N/D N/D
Travali, Robert S. LADWP 31
Vasquez, Reginalda Transportation 6
Viera, Gerald A. LADWP 27
Washington, George N/D N/D
Watson, Zelia M. LADWP 30
Weisenstein, M.G. N/D N/D
Weiss, Richard A. Housing 30
Wichser, Mary A. Library 5
Williams, Alvin L. N/D N/D
Woods, Billie N/D N/D

N/D = not disclosed