Life’s Important Moments: In Memoriam April 2022

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In Memoriam

Our thoughts and condolences are with the family and friends of the following current and retired City employees who have passed away. The number after the name indicates years of service.

Active (name, dept., years of service)

Duvall, Jolynn Rec and Parks 20
Gipson, Matthew Airports 15
Haerle, Daniel M. LADWP 37
Jimenez, Mauricio Rec and Parks 10
Lyles, Jenai K. LAPD 22
Morales, Preston R. LADWP 32
Narvaez, Elias G. Housing 17
Varela, Tony LAPD 23
Willis, George R. Public Works 2

Retired (name, dept., years of service)

Abbott Jr., Wells O. LADWP 36
Adams, Richard C. Airports 30
Adelman, Gary L. Public Works 26
Arrington, C.J. LADWP 31
Bacich, Robert N/D N/D
Bailey, Margaret L. LAPD 14
Ballew, Thaddeus M. Rec and Parks 38
Breaux, Raymond N/D N/D
Broderick, Carol A. Gen. Services 22
Burdette, Allen N/D N/D
Burkhardt, C. Michael Library 14
Ceballos Jr., Manuel LADWP 28
Chamberlain, Robert E. LADWP 30
Cooper, Forster LADWP 42
Cooper, Kent H. LADWP 30
Cordes, Charles B. LADWP 25
Dasselaar, Carla Public Works 26
Davis, Robert J. LADWP 33
De Groeve, Albert T. N/D N/D
Diskin, Thomas P. LADWP 41
Donald, Shelly Bldg. & Safety 21
Espino, Rudolph LADWP 33
Fiquerro, Albert K. N/D N/D
Fitzsimmons, Patricia M. N/D N/D
Garcia, Alex Public Works 7
Gomez, George L. Transportation 26
Green, Gwendolyn F. N/D N/D
Greene, Brenda L. LADWP 46
Hardin, John H. N/D N/D
Hodges, Frank H. LADWP 34
Holzman, Louise R. Rec and Parks 10
Hutton, Thomas Gen. Services 18
Ikeda, Irene M. LADWP 33
Ikeda, Keiichi LADWP 26
Kaelble, Ronald R. N/D N/D
Lam, Ronald O. N/D N/D
Lee, Sam J. Airports 27
Low, Jean Public Works 36
Maldonado, Larry Gen. Services 19
Mangune, Domingo G. Airports 11
McGarry, Mildred V. N/D N/D
Mischlich, Michael W. Bldg. & Safety 23
Moore, Elbert LADWP 40
Morgan, Keith D. LADWP 28
Navarro Adea, Esterliza E. Public Works 28
Niemann, Frederick N/D N/D
Olivier, Kenneth S. LAPD 38
Palmer, George B. Rec and Parks 38
Piper, Joseph B. LADWP 30
Prince, Troy L. LADWP 20
Ribas, Phyllis A. N/D N/D
Ryan, Richard J. LADWP 19
Scheidegger, Juanita M. LADWP 25
Schendel, Mariana N/D N/D
Simpson, Teresa A. LADWP 17
Smay III, George W. LADWP 11
Smith, Gordon W. LADWP 26
Smith, Kenneth L. Gen. Services 15
Smith, Ronald W. LADWP 25
Smythe, David W. N/D N/D
Solamo, Teofilo L. Public Works 31
Sonderstrom, Charles N/D N/D
Strid, Harvin F. N/D N/D
Sumida, George H. LADWP 34
Swain, Leonard L. N/D N/D
Tolver, Jean T. N/D N/D
Tunac, Ronald M. Airports 13
Uemara, Roy K. LADWP 33
Vara, Ismael O. Rec and Parks 7
Velarde, Frank M. N/D N/D
Vogel, Barry J. LADWP 15
Wilson, Tony L. LADWP 18
Wright, Deforeest B. LADWP 21
Yarger, William C. LAPD 30

N/D = not disclosed