Life’s Important Moments: In Memoriam March 2022

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In Memoriam

Our thoughts and condolences are with the family and friends of the following current and retired City employees who have passed away. The number after the name indicates years of service.

Active (name, dept., years of service)

Chaplin, Leslie H. LADWP 16
Fontamillas, Jesus G. Public Works 22
Guerrero, Guadalupe Rec and Parks 23
Johnson, Robin P. LADWP 32
Lynum, Rita City Attorney 20
Rodriguez, Omar E. Airports 26
Torres, Noe ITA 16
Ward, LT Airports 14

Retired (name, dept., years of service)

Avery, Earl W. LADWP 27
Alexander, John H. Airports 12
Arevalo, Danny F. Public Works 30
Barbarino, Michael A. N/D N/D
Brooks, Sammy J. N/D N/D
Burrell, Wayne D. N/D N/D
Canales, Luis M. Airports 18
Chavez, Pedro O. LADWP 33
Claiborne, Wilford N/D N/D
Codina, Frank R. LADWP 40
Cornell, David LADWP 29
De Bruin, Joan A. Cultural Affairs 18
Derrick, Kim H. General Services 22
Doucette, Michael J. Airports 11
Ellis, Linda G. LADWP 25
Erlandson, Irving T. N/D N/D
Escalante, Jessie T. LADWP 31
Faisy, Don LADWP 30
Fernandez, Fred R. N/D N/D
Funk, Rose M. N/D N/D
Giles II, Kempilton L. LADWP 26
Gonzalez, Juana LADWP 19
Guillemette, Homer W. Harbor 32
Hanna, Pamela G. Animal Services 32
Harris, Richard B. Rec and Parks 32
Harris, Ronald C. Public Works 43
Hayes, Leslie LADWP 35
Hays, Lu Ellen LADWP 34
Hoeberg, Charles H. LADWP 21
Hudson, Ivory P. Public Works 17
Jackson, Thiren D. Public Works 13
Jellison, Ramon L. N/D N/D
Jordan, Linda A. LADWP 45
Kawashita, Joseph K. LADWP 38
Kellotat, Marcia D. N/D N/D
Kelly, Quinnon D. Public Works 30
Levin, Arthur M. Zoo 46
Markham, Patricia M. N/D N/D
May, Douglas M. Harbor 35
Mendiola, Jose G. N/D N/D
Moore, Timothy A. Bldg. & Safety 18
Moore, Wanda L. N/D N/D
Nelson, Richard L. LADWP 21
Newhard, Robert D. N/D N/D
O’Dell, Robin E. Airports 24
Ogle, Susan F. Rec and Parks 15
Orosco, V. Tirado Public Works 41
Owens, William K. Public Works 24
Ponce, Filena D. Airports 17
Portolese, Giuseppe General Services 8
Protesta, Roland B. Housing 29
Rendon, Honorato O. LAPD 22
Reyes, Victor Rec and Parks 21
Ross, Faye B. N/D N/D
Sawyer, Rose B. LADWP 34
Scottini, Lawrence E. Airports 8
Sepulveda, Luis O. N/D N/D
Shimatsu, Rokuro R. N/D N/D
Sifuentes, Ricardo N/D N/D
Telles, David M. Public Works 33
Wallace, T. Patricia ITA 30

N/D = not disclosed