Life’s Important Moments: In Memoriam January 2022

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In Memoriam

Our thoughts and condolences are with the family and friends of the following current and retired City employees who have passed away. The number after the name indicates years of service.

Active (name, dept., years of service)

Cobian, Elia Transportation 21
Cowan, Ronald Justin M. Bldg. & Safety 14
Genovese, Regina Osuna Public Works 31
Guerena, Guadalupe Gamboa Public Works 20
Lemestre, Michael A. LADWP 16
Morris, Mary Bldg. & Safety 19
Parcon Martinez, Rosemarie Public Works 1
Perez, Ruby Elizabeth City Attorney’s Off. 36

Retired (name, dept., years of service)

Adams, Jamesetta Housing 33
Arnold, Linda J. Public Works 32
Ausmus, Curtis J. LAPD 26
Blade, Ronald N/D N/D
Blount, Paul C. Public Works 46
Branch, Sandra J. Airports 17
Brooks, Velta J. Rec and Parks 3
Burkley, Larry D. Rec and Parks 30
Cervantes, Raoul Public Works 9
Chang, In Son LACERS 27
Clouser, Russell L. N/D N/D
Coady, Patrick L. LADWP 47
Cramer, Robert City Attorney’s Off. 33
De Angelis, S. N/D N/D
Edwards, Bonnie R. LADWP 16
Escoto, Elias N/D N/D
Flowers, Marcus C. N/D N/D
Gale, Ruth H. LADWP 33
Garcia, Alberto Transportation 13
Gomez, Mary F. City Attorney’s Off. 30
Grady, Diane A. LADWP 19
Graffi, Robert D. LADWP 33
High, Joseph W. N/D N/D
Jarasa, Pedro P. Cultural Affairs 21
Kolacinski, Brian L. Transportation 38
Kramer, Robert W. N/D N/D
Kumagawa, Takeo LADWP 31
Landrum, Robert J. Rec and Parks 29
Lechuga, Margaret City Attorney’s Off. 33
Lee, Connie LAPD 31
Lee, James N/D N/D
Lenard, John H. Airports 18
Lisec, Lois L. LADWP 20
Lloyd, Gary W. Gen. Services 37
Masri, Karim K. LADWP 21
McDermott, Robert J. Transportation 32
Miklovich, Julia N/D N/D
Morrissette, Loell J. Rec and Parks 30
Mullennex, Richard K. Bldg. & Safety 25
Norris, David LADWP 32
Nun, James F. LADWP 13
Pinedo, Rudy N/D N/D
Queen, Phyllis M. LADWP 25
Quickstrom, Noal O. N/D N/D
Quirola, Diana Gen. Services 18
Ruzic, Ilija LADWP 22
Sakamoto, Donald K. Public Works 40
Sakiyama, Kenneth S. Gen. Services 28
Scott, Henry LADWP 30
Shaughnessy, Patrick C. Gen. Services 13
Strang, Gerald E. N/D N/D
Syan, Ajit S. Public Works 34
Sykes, Wanda G. Rec and Parks 30
Theus, Gipson L. N/D N/D
Vega, Albert G. Gen. Services 36
Walker, John N/D N/D
Weary, Ellis AJ Airports 23
Whelan, Thomas P. Bldg. & Safety 30
Widdis, Kenneth R. Rec and Parks 34
Wong, Molly City Clerk 42
Zucco, George Transportation 30

N/D = not disclosed