Life’s Important Moments: In Memoriam August 2021

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In Memoriam

Our thoughts and condolences are with the family and friends of the following current and retired City employees who have passed away. The number after the name indicates years of service.

Correction: In our “In Memoriam” section in the May 2021 issue, due to a source error, we misspelled the name of Kittara Tongkul, LADWP, with 15 years of City service. He was a well-respected supervisor, and we regret the error. Thanks to Ralph Sanchez, Supervisor, Power Meter Store, LADWP, Club Member, for the correction.

Active (name, dept., years of service)

Barnes, Marcus R. LADWP 19
Barnes Jr. Martin E. LADWP 28
Carter, William Airports 27
Gyimesi, Bela A. Public Works 21
Hamilton, Michael Rec and Parks 24
Jenkins, Derek C. Public Works 25
Khalvati, Ebrahim Harbor 35
Lewis, Mary Claire Airports 3
Pagan, Ditravia Rhubec LAPD 20
Valencia, Mario Rec and Parks 19

Retired (name, dept., years of service)

Aceves, Jesus D. N/D N/D
Bacon, Barbara A. LADWP 32
Beastrom, Mason M. N/D N/D
Beatty, Walter C. LADWP 30
Bickham, Ella D. N/D N/D
Barot, Raquel R. Public Works 16
Bonney, Gregory L. Public Works 28
Bryant, Robert L. LADWP 31
Buising, Erlinda L. Finance 14
Burmeister, George R. LADWP 38
Carrillo, Cornelio P. LAFD 27
Chow, Marie N/D N/D
Coia, Mary E. LADWP 33
Davis, Mark L. LADWP 38
De Jonge, Henley M. LADWP 10
Del Hierro, Santiago A. Airports 23
Dickenson, Ronald N/D N/D
Dipperstein, Malcolm Rec and Parks 28
Eisenberg, Lawrence M. Library 30
Fashing, John V. LADWP 37
Fernandez, Virginia B. LADWP 30
Fukumoto, Asami E. LADWP 25
Gilkey, Wallace Transportation 14
Griswold, Don M. LADWP 26
Guerra, Art LADWP 39
Harbour, Leslie W. Airports 18
Haywood, Sandra Marie City Attorney 20
Hernandez, Rodolfo General Services 20
Horne, Isaac R. LADWP 30
Ige, James M. N/D N/D
Jones, Larry Leon Transportation 31
Key-Hekima, Karl V. Econ./Wrkfrc. Dev. 30
King, Lonnie L. Public Works 35
Knox, Eddie L. N/D N/D
Lee, Jeffrey R. Harbor 22
Mendoza, Ralph R. LADWP 34
Michalowski, Cecilia City Attorney 5
Mariner, Thomas N/D N/D
Martinez, Pablo P. General Services 20
Millstein, Don M. Airports 31
Muranaga, Tomi LADWP 14
Musick, Marvin C. N/D N/D
Quach, Thu T. Public Works 19
Sansone, Giuseppe F. N/D N/D
Ramirez, Maria S. Rec and Parks 5
Rincon, Jose F. Rec and Parks 30
Sauer, Kearney F. N/D N/D
Schoonover, Robert L. N/D N/D
Shaffer, Samuel N/D N/D
Shaw Jr., Harold E. LADWP 29
Shay, Charles LADWP 16
Shibuya, Takasato N/D N/D
Singmaster, James O. N/D N/D
Smith, Ada A. LADWP 28
Star, Steve N/D N/D
Stephenson, David W. N/D N/D
Strong, Charlie Airports 20
Sweeley, Robert C. N/D N/D
Tabamo, Eleazar D. LADWP 29
Valenzuela, Albert F. Rec and Parks 37
Ward, Donald N. LADWP 31
Washington, Craig Rec and Parks 36
Webb, Sheila L. Econ./Wrkfrc. Dev. 18
Westlake, Charles E. LADWP 20
Wiley, Della F. N/D N/D
Wilson, Waymon N/D N/D
Wright, Will H. LADWP 32
Yamaoka, Mas LADWP 14

N/D = not disclosed