Life’s Important Moments: In Memoriam June 2021

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In Memoriam

Our thoughts and condolences are with the family and friends of the following current and retired City employees who have passed away. The number after the name indicates years of service.

Active (name, dept., years of service)

Brown, Toi L. Bldg. & Safety 4
Castro, Manuel Airports 13
Lai, Yat Chu DWP 4
Lopez, Nicholas Public Works <1
Mack, Brian T. Airports 3
Mills, Carl Public Works 38
Saucedo, Lazaro A. Rec and Parks 17

Retired (name, dept., years of service)

Alberti, Bruce J. Harbor 38
Arciero, Virgil D. DWP 31
Berg, Rolf A. N/D N/D
Berilla, George P. N/D N/D
Berkholz, David DWP 46
Bonanno, Edward G. N/D N/D
Brownell, Beverly S. Public Works 31
Bruneau, Jacqueline N/D N/D
Camron, Gary L. DWP 30
Canty, Patrick D. LAPD 30
Carbonetta, Edmund N/D N/D
Carleton, Mattie M. N/D N/D
Comins, Tommy D. N/D N/D
Creighton, Abraham N/D N/D
Crooks Jr., William DWP 32
Demus Jr., Williams R. DWP 32
Doty, Edgar L. DWP 30
Doty, James E. Public Works 35
Duvall, Dana D. N/D N/D
Federico, Salomon R. DWP 24
Francisco, Anceo S. Public Works 25
Fujii, Katherine L. DWP 21
Fukisaki, Elliot K. DWP 27
Gaskins, Shirley J. DWP 19
Gerakos, Gilbert N/D N/D
Gerwat, Frank R. N/D N/D
Ghattas, Amin K. Public Works 16
Giffin, Dale Gen. Services 25
Gilbert, Herbert B. DWP 30
Gurstein, Dan DWP 33
Higginson, Theodore R. DWP 30
Hoffman, Calvin J. N/D N/D
Humberd, Fumiko N/D N/D
Jackson, Wesley E. Gen. Services 26
Kornfeld, Edith N/D N/D

Kozai, Toshiaki N/D N/D
Lavender, Charlie B. N/D N/D
Lesel, Dov S. City Attorney 45
Lester, Deena R. Library 11
Ludgood, James R. Transportation 31
McMullen, Penny M. DWP 27
Meunier, Raymond R. N/D N/D
Miller, Frances R. N/D N/D
Morrison, Tony I. DWP 34
Morro, Henry Gen. Services 15
Nagamine, Barbara M. DWP 31
Oka, George Y. Rec and Parks 17
Parks, Janet R. N/D N/D
Perez, Bernardo J. Bldg. & Safety 36
Perez, Gilbert T. Airports 36
Randall, Rochelle E. DWP 31
Ray, Gilbert L. N/D N/D
Reeder, Verna M. N/D N/D
Rivas, Alicia O. Airports 8
Rounds, Ramon E. N/D N/D
Scott, Wilma DWP 24
Shapen, Bernard R. N/D N/D
Spichtig, Xavier DWP 25
Tell, Wellington I. DWP 27
Vance, George DWP 21
Varentges, George Gen. Services 30
Vazquez, Mary H. Aging 16
Vitek, Judith City Attorney 12
Wheelon, Marcia L. Library 10
Wong, Patrick P. DWP 36
Yarbrough, Stanley D. DWP 48
Yeats, John D. DWP 30
Young, John E. DWP 32

N/D = not disclosed