Life’s Important Moments: In Memoriam Mar. 2021

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In Memoriam

Our thoughts and condolences are with the family and friends of the following current and retired City employees who have passed away. The number after the name indicates years of service.

Active (name, dept., years of service)

Aguayo Jr. Jose DWP 27
Angeles, Val C. Animal Services 24
Arevalo, Adolfo H. Airports 17
Argueta Diaz, Jose D. Gen. Services 23
Carmody, James I. Gen. Services 4
Chavez, Manual J. DWP 37
Colmenares, Roberto I. Gen. Services 32
Cox, Angela Airports 23
Crisanto Leon, Francisco Airport 12
Ferguson, Teofila Rec and Parks 17
Gautier, Gina Marie LAPD 26
Gee, Jane T. DWP 40
Golem, Adam Public Works 9
Gomez, Francisco J. Rec and Parks 26
Gomez Jr., Gregorio DWP 4
Gonzalez, Cesar A. Gen. Services 18
Guerrero, Raymond L. LAPD 24
Hayden, Richard D. DWP 30
Horta, Jose G. Rec and Parks 19
Kim, Esther LAFD 19
Kuhn, Michael R. Bldg. & Safety 27
Macias, Francisco Rec and Parks 34
Miller, Gilbert L. DWP 14
Rios, Lionel Public Works 5
Tasker, Clarence F. Airports 17
Tavera, Eduardo P. Rec and Parks 18
Tsubaki Jr., Bayard S. DWP 39
Young, Roosevelt Rec and Parks 145


Retired (name, dept., years of service)

Allman, John F. N/D N/D
Alvarado, Michael Public Works 32
Ambrozich, Frances N/D N/D
Amimoto, Tom S. DWP 28
Arellano, Gilbert J. Harbor 37
Baeza, Arthur G. N/D N/D
Bautista, Juan Lee Public Works 23
Beasley, John Public Works 36
Beaudoin, Delbert DWP 32
Besant, Robert DWP 21
Blocksage, Stephen DWP 25
Brock, Samuel H. DWP 33
Brown, Lura DWP 32
Bstandig, Paul J. Public Works 17
Buchanan, Delores E. City Attorney 29
Caldwell, Jesse E. DWP 27
Cheng, Hwa Cheung Public Works 15
Coil, Joyce M. Airports 24
Cooper, Maxwell D. DWP 30
Cruz, Vilma Eduardo Airports 17
Daniels, Ruth N/D N/D
Davison, Claude N/D N/D
Delgado, George A. DWP 39
Diamond, Doris E. DWP 26
Ervin, Janice M. DWP 38
Everett Jr., Samuel DWP 23
Finneran, John T. Gen. Services 20
Flake, Anthony R. Airports 10
Flores, Joan M. N/D N/D
Floyd, Amber Fay City Clerk 22
Freed, William N/D N/D
Freehling, Allen I. City Council 7
Gabaldon, Jaime DWP 27
Gabbard, John P. DWP 10
Gonzalez, Ben Cruz Public Works 36
Green, Frederick M. N/D N/D
Greenawalt, Robert O. N/D N/D
Greene, Frederick M. N/D N/D
Guerra, Robert V. DWP 36
Guillory, Mary L. N/D N/D
Gutierrez, Carmen M. Transportation 10
Hovious, Richard L. N/D N/D
Isbell, Norman P. N/D N/D
Izumigawa, James S. Public Works 19
Jefferson, Louis C. N/D N/D
Jobe, Faith W. DWP 14
Johnson, Gary L. Public Works 40
Johnson, Gloria T. City Attorney 36
Kohn, Lenora Housing 34
LaBonge, Thomas J. City Council 39
Larini, Hector DWP 35
Lee, William B. Rec and Parks 29
Leonhard, Beryl G. N/D N/D
Leroy, Betty M. N/D N/D
Liddell, Mag N. Gen. Services 27
Lill, Kuno DWP 38
Linz, Max W. DWP 15
Lui, Elton G. N/D N/D
Mackay, John A. N/D N/D
Mackin, Harry DWP 23
Maidan, John DWP 28
Manalang, Eva R. Controller’s Office 31
Matarrese, Patsy J. N/D N/D
McCammon, Geraldine Library 10
Mendia, Javier Gen. Services 24
Miranda, Gaspar Rec and Parks 15
Mitchell, Michael A. DWP 21
Miyamura, Frank K. Transportation 14
Muro, Jack Y. N/D N/D
Murphy, Barbara J. N/D N/D
Musherraf, Sayed Public Works 25
Nakanouchi, Hiroshi DWP 25
Narhuminti, Joseph ITA 22
Naulls, Diane M. Econ./Workforce Dev. 36
Ng, William W. Public Works 26
Norfleet, Donald L. Public Works 34
Nozawa, Toshiaki N/D N/D
Nye, Sam B. N/D N/D
Oliva, Richard Rec and Parks 10
Parrett, Gerald H. DWP 34
Patterson, Julian DWP 30
Perez, David J. N/D N/D
Peterson, Harley G. Rec and Parks 33
Picazo, Claude Rec and Parks 33
Pratt, Kenneth E. N/D N/D
Ramirez, Alicia Rec and Parks 36
Ramirez, Eugene W. Public Works 30
Ramirez, Robert R. DWP 32
Ramos, Frank Convention Center 8
Reeser, Earl D. N/D N/D
Reyes, Angelito R. DWP 36
Ritchey, Iola F. DWP 30
Rivera, Paula C. N/D N/D
Robinson, Kenneth R. Public Works 30
Rodriguez, Victor T. N/D N/D
Roman, Milton B. Convention Center 25
Rosenberg, Melvin N/D N/D
Rubin, Michael A. DWP 26
Rush, David C. Public Works 42
Salcapaga, Josephine DWP 31
Sato, Paul S. DWP 28
Simon, Leroy L. DWP 26
Schultz, Earl N/D N/D
Sherrod, Darryl L. Gen. Services 33
Shiroma, Susumu N/D N/D
Sillman, Martha S. Personnel 23
Smith, John J. DWP 26
Smith, Larrance L. N/D N/D
Smith, Thera C. City Attorney 31
Soule, Judith L. DWP 29
Taylor, Evelyn N/D N/D
Taylor, Jose G. N/D N/D
Tejada, Mary DWP 25
Tigue, Lawrence E. Transportation 30
Trani, Bernadette Library 32
Tugonon, Mauricio R. Public Works 11
Valenzuela, Edward A. Gen. Services 27
Villescas, Arthur R. N/D N/D
Watson, Pierce DWP 18a
Williams, Daun N. N/D N/D
Williams, Richard J. Airports 21
Williams, Robert N/D N/D
Yamanaka, Roy M. N/D N/D
Youssef, Zuhdy Z. Personnel 29

N/D = not disclosed

Note to Readers:
In last month’s In Memoriam list, we published the name of John Robb as having passed away. That was correct according to the list we received from LACERS. However, in a case of mistaken identities, there is a living Club Member with the same name. The deceased was John O. Robb; John E. Robb, who retired five years ago from the DWP, is alive and we are happy to report well. We apologize for the confusion, and with this month will begin publishing the lists containing middle initials where available. – Ed.