Life’s Important Moments: In Memoriam July 2020

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In Memoriam

Our thoughts and condolences are with the family and friends of the following current and retired City employees who have passed away. The number after the name indicates years of service.

Active (name, dept., years of service)
Camou, Victor Gen Services 5
Haldeman, John Airports 21
Hobson, Cristal DWP 5
Jones, Curtis Transportation 30
Licea, Arely Public Works 5
Trujillo, Leslie Bldg. & Safety 32

Retired (name, dept., years of service)

Adrados, Pablito Gen Services 5
Armen, Kevork DWP 28
Arreola, Margaret DWP 35
Biggles, Ronald N/D N/D
Bingham, John Controller’s Off. 17
Blodgett, Ilmi N/D N/D
Burke, Leola DWP 26
Caballero, Arcadia ITA 28
Casaletta, Richard Gen Services 31
Charlap-Hyman, Paula N/D N/D
Christian, Frank N/D N/D
Cleary, Diane DWP 15
Colvin, Floyd Public Works 33
Dow, Walter N/D N/D
Foster, Carl N/D N/D
Freeman, Curtis N/D N/D
Freeman, SD DWP 3
Garcia, Joe DWP 32
Gilmore, Willie Transportation 38
Gordon, Calvin N/D N/D
Grijalva, Margaret Transportation 10
Henderson, Bonny DWP 30
Herrera, Jess DWP 35
Houston, Timothy Airports 31
Howard, CH N/D N/D
Ige, Wayne LACERS 23
Jones, Arthur DWP 37
Jones, Edson DWP 24
Kosche, Esther N/D N/D
Landeros, Raul Rec and Parks 34
Lockwood, Bobbi Rec and Parks 17
Lyons, Chester N/D N/D
Miller, Robert Harbor 39
Milspaugh, Joseph N/D N/D
Miyatake, Masashi N/D N/D

Molette, Anthony Transportation 33
Moore, Velma DWP 14
Morgan, Leon N/D N/D
Nakamura, Yoshiharu DWP 29
Nobles, Leo DWP 27
Ordway, Donald DWP 37
Osollo, LF Public Works 40
Perez, George N/D N/D
Pizzo, Americo DWP 24
Pope, Thomas Bldg. & Safety 33
Reschke, Kurt Public Works 32
Reiersen, Odd DWP 25
Reinmuth, Vern DWP 31
Reyes, Richard DWP 20
Rousso, Mico N/D N/D
Russell, Ruthie DWP 25
Sakai, Rodney Econ./Wkfrc. Dev. 32
Salais, Alicia Rec and Parks 15
Salter, Tom N/D N/D
Samonte, Oswaldo Harbor 12
Satalich, Miro N/D N/D
Schnadt, William DWP 21
Smith, Stanley DWP 23
Stanfield, Jimmie N/D N/D
Sterner, Robert N/D N/D
Strawn, Gerald DWP 24
Stricklett, James DWP 29
Tafoya, Rose DWP 17
Tanimoto, Shikuo N/D N/D
Vierra, Albert N/D N/D
Vo, Joseph N/D N/D
Wilber, John N/D N/D
Williams, Oddie N/D N/D
Word, Walter Public Works 16
Zurita, Clarence DWP 20

N/D = not disclosed