Life’s Important Moments: In Memoriam May 2020

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In Memoriam

Our thoughts and condolences are with the family and friends of the following current and retired City employees who have passed away. The number after the name indicates years of service.

Active (name, dept., years of service)
Duarte, Kenny Rec and Parks N/D
Hanson, James Rec and Parks 15
Moreno, Adan Public Works 6

Retired (name, dept., years of service)

Alvarado, Gloria N/D N/D
Anderson, Sven DWP 26
Aubry, Cheryl Housing 26
Aquino, Lamberto LAPD 34
Baker, Harold N/D N/D
Baquet, Dean DWP 31
Barba, Gil N/D N/D
Bennett, Irene N/D N/D
Breaux, John DWP 32
Briscoe, James DWP 36
Burke, David DWP 33
Cole, Donald DWP 32
Collins, Richard DWP 29
Colpitts, John DWP 14
Crawford, Barbara N/D N/D
Culotta, Albert DWP 21
Donaldson, Charles DWP 31
Donina, Levio DWP 28
Duncan, Darlene N/D N/D
Fancher, Gerald DWP 13
Fooks, Barbara DWP 29
Gerola, Christian N/D N/D
Gomez, Damian Convention Ctr. 10
Grady, Daryl DWP 35
Hager, Dorothy DWP 13
Hei, Yu Yu DWP 21
Higa, Bob DWP 34
Howe, Terry DWP 39
Ishiara, James DWP 17
James, Ira Transportation 1
Johnson, Michael Public Works 37
Jordan, Percy N/D N/D
Klink, Richard Rec and Parks 36
Kim, Jay DWP 30
Krotinger, Nathan N/D N/D
Lindsey, Clarence DWP 27
Luna, Elvera LAPD 26
Mitchell, Martin N/D N/D
Morehead, Daniel LAPD 17
Moreno, Olivia Airports 12
Mortensen, Robert DWP 24
Myers, Julian N/D N/D
Norris, William N/D N/D
Oliver, Elliott DWP 32
O’Toole, Edward DWP 31
Phillips, John N/D N/D
Pierre, Don N/D N/D
Polkinghorne, Warren DWP 32
Powell, James N/D N/D
Purser, David N/D N/D
Rice, Otholean N/D N/D
Roth, Charles DWP 22
Russ, Harold DWP 16
Sanchez, Edward City Attorney 11
Shoemaker, Dorothy N/D N/D
Sies, Patricia N/D N/D
Singleton, Charlene Public Works 30
Smith, Joe DWP 35
Smith, Sherian Public Works 12
Smurr, Raymond DWP 38
St. Amant, John DWP 18
Tillman, Donald N/D N/D
Thigpen, Jerry DWP 31
Thompson, Lillian DWP 36
Trejo, Ricardo Gen. Services 11
Villareal, Daniel N/D N/D
Walters, Rita Council 13
Weintraub, Emma N/D N/D
Westbrooke, James Public Works 16
Wethington, Matthew DWP 28
Wharton, Charles DWP 30
White, Kenneth N/D N/D
Wight, Paul DWP 35
Williams, Keith N/D N/D
Won, Eugene N/D N/D



N/D = not disclosed