Life’s Important Moments: In Memoriam April 2020

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In Memoriam

Our thoughts and condolences are with the family and friends of the following current and retired City employees who have passed away. The number after the name indicates years of service.

Active (name, dept., years of service)
Boudreau, Eugene Harbor 19
McCall, Diane Airports 13
McCants, Jerome General Services 18
Thomas, Tommy Public Works 31
Toston, La June Harbor 18
Winslow, Oscar City Attorney 14

Retired (name, dept., years of service)
Abdel-Aal, Mohamed DWP 25
Ackel, Daniel City Attorney 14
Aker, Bruce Public Works 32
Anderson, Edwin N/D N/D
Antonucci, Fayetta Harbor 32
Arredondo, Juan DWP 25
Arrelano, Joe DWP 30
Arriola, Candelario DWP 32
Baydeline, Boris DWP 32
Benefield, James N/D N/D
Brown, Charles Public Works 33
Carone, Gloria DWP 39
Cerda, Rodolfo Gen. Services 10
Cooper, James DWP 29
Dawson, Gwendolyn Gen. Services 32
Dawson, Jane N/D N/D
Denham, Janet N/D N/D
Ehlers, Mark DWP 31
Estrada, Alfonso DWP 24
Fisher, Don N/D N/D
Gonzales, Leonard Gen. Services 33
Greenwald, Fred Rec and Parks 22
Hanna, Barbara Gen. Services 17
Hardman, Thomas DWP 29
Haskell, Ronnie DWP 24
Hicks, John Airports 32
Hooper, Jack DWP 36
Hyatt, Marie DWP 12
Ibarra, Vern Airports 35
Johnson, Algernon N/D N/D
Kuykendall, B.J. DWP 17
Langston, Drue N/D N/D
Lawn, Albert N/D N/D
Leopold, Fred N/D N/D
Lindenaur, Alvin N/D N/D
Lindenbaum, Leonard DWP 39
Logan, Bobby DWP 28
Lott, Ethamae N/D N/D
Macaraeg, Antonio DWP 22
Mack, Herbert DWP 23
Mayorga, Alfredo Econ/Wrkfrc. Dev. 33
Muhammad, C. Public Works 21
Nera, Cristina Public Works 23
Nisihita, Eleanor N/D N/D
Panaligan, Petronilo Gen. Services 33
Panlilio, Rommel Airports 12
Reyes, Alejandra Transportation 12
Reynolds, Mary LAPD 30
Rogers, Sylvia LAPD 32
Ross, Robert DWP 36
Sandhu, Debra Transportation 28
Smith, Barbara N/D N/D
Smith, Leo Public Works 14
Takahashi, Elma N/D N/D
Thompson, Joe N/D N/D
Vail, Candace Transportation 25
Vaughn, Norma Transportation 12
Ward, Charles DWP 19
Weatherspoon, Sidney N/D N/D
Wiegand, Carl N/D N/D
Williams, Diana N/D N/D
Winnard, Louis DWP 5
Wolfberg, George N/D N/D
Wright, Frank Gen. Services 30

N/D = not disclosed