Life’s Important Moments: In Memoriam Nov. 2020

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In Memoriam

Our thoughts and condolences are with the family and friends of the following current and retired City employees who have passed away. The number after the name indicates years of service.

Active (name, dept., years of service)
Bernal, Gilberto Rec and Parks 13
Ellis, Kimberly Transportation 28
Galvez, Ramon General Services 13
Rodriguez, Francisca Rec and Parks 15
Salazar, Daniel Rec and Parks 20
Thomas, Kenneth Public Works 20
White, Winifred Public Works 10

Retired (name, dept., years of service)

Aparicio, Raul N/D N/D
Arana, Louis N/D N/D
Bennett, Jared DWP 36
Bierne, Donald DWP 42
Blue, Ronnie DWP 34
Broadhag, Girard DWP 30
Camacho, Cipriano DWP 32
Chidester, Lewis DWP 30
Coleman, Terry N/D N/D
Cusumano, John Airports 6
Dashti, Guiti Econ./Wrkfrc. Dev. 21
Derlighter, Alan DWP 30
Dwyer, Lance Harbor 26
Fletcher, Mary General Services 30
Flores, Ramon Rec and Parks 12
Frazier, Fred N/D N/D
Galwey, Romayne N/D N/D
Garland, Richard Airports 32
Gentner, Robert DWP 39
Gilliard, Benjamin N/D N/D
Glover, Loretta ITA 34
Gluskoter-Johnson, Darlene Rec and Parks 35
Gomez, Henry Harbor 35
Gonzales, Robert DWP 36
Haggerty, John N/D N/D
Hernandez, Javier Public Works 32

Hidalgo, Ralph N/D N/D
Howard, Charles DWP 20Howard, Roger General Services 30
Jackson, Marion N/D N/D
James, Sherman DWP 33
Jones, Mildred DWP 27
Kaul, Marvin DWP 19
Kimbrell, Jess N/D N/D
Kinter, Kenneth Building & Safety 32
Lee, Yoon Housing 35
Lona, Esther N/D N/D
Mason, James N/D N/D
Matsumura, Daniel Housing 28
McAfee, John N/D N/D
McGough, Patrick LAPD 32
Menjivar, Herminio Rec and Parks 14
Paul, Aura Airports 11
Penn, George N/D N/D
Proescholdt, Albert Transportation 41
Raynor, Robert N/D N/D
Roberts, Richard Transportation 7
Santiago, Zenaida LAPD 34
Smith, John N/D N/D
Vanderloop, John N/D N/D
Vargas, Hilda Rec and Parks 31
Way, Eric General Services 17
Yamagawa, Joe DWP 31

N/D = not disclosed