Life’s Important Moments: In Memoriam Oct. 2020

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In Memoriam

Our thoughts and condolences are with the family and friends of the following current and retired City employees who have passed away. The number after the name indicates years of service.

Active (name, dept., years of service)
Brown, Antonio Rec and Parks 18
Campbell, Stuart ITA 14
Keller, Marc LAPD 7
Lopez, Adriana DWP 40
Marquez, Vivian Public Works 36
Miramontez, Daniel Transportation 12
Ryan, Cynthia Bldg. & Safety 14
Sandoke, Lahnaw DWP 19
Taguchi, Eric Public Works 30
Torres, Pedro Airports 15
Vasquez, John Bldg. & Safety 33

Retired (name, dept., years of service)

Asher, Gerald Bldg. & Safety 20
Barber, Joe N/D N/D
Beckett, Paul N/D N/D
Bland, Lonnie DWP 19
Blank, Ernest DWP 41
Blankenship, Paul Public Works 25
Bowers, Edward N/D N/D
Caipen, William DWP 23
Calderas, John Rec and Parks 26
Castillo, David DWP 25
Claessens, Richard N/D N/D
Claude, George DWP 33
Cornacchio, Beatrice Rec and Parks 9
Dankers, Myrtle N/D N/D
Davis, Arnett N/D N/D
Davis, Grace N/D N/D
Deaton, Ron DWP 42
Dedeaux, Louis Animal Services 34
Derlighter, Alan DWP 31
Dobrovitz, Frank DWP 14
Doskow, Norma N/D N/D
Estanislao, Richard DWP 28
Farrell, James DWP 30
Fuentes, Jose DWP 27
Goodman, Henry N/D N/D
Gordon, Diane Library 21
Hageman, Homer N/D N/D
Hefler, Frank N/D N/D
Hernandez, Ismael Public Works 30
Jeffers, Richard DWP 16
Jefferson, Raymond N/D N/D
Jeske, Karl DWP 27
Johnson, Bevan DWP 37
Kantar, George N/D N/D
Kirk, Honore N/D N/D
Koire, Michael N/D N/D
Leedom, Randolph DWP 18
Leitch, Robert Public Works 43

Li, Bang N/D N/D
Lobato, Gabriel Airports 11
Lowery, Julie Controller’s Office 33
Mbanu, Paul DWP 28
McKean, David N/D N/D
Moore, James DWP 28
Morris, Angela Personnel 11
Murray, Kenneth Public Works 30
Nakamura, Mark DWP 39
Nava, Jose N/D N/D
Nebelsieck, Richard DWP 24
Nickerson, Theodore N/D N/D
Patterson, Benjamin Harbor 17
Pereyra, Andres Public Works 10
Pleins, Donald N/D N/D
Rackerby, Jordan Airports 34
Robinson, Frederick ITA 27
Robles, Laura LAPD 35
Rose, Gary DWP 30
Rowland, Lucille DWP 30
Sacks Prine, Myrna N/D N/D
Saddler, Catherine DWP 29
Sanchez, Manuel Transportation 27
Scruggs, E.P. DWP 27
Session, Willie N/D N/D
Shigeta, Stanley N/D N/D
Signor, Frank N/D N/D
Smith, David Zoo 43
Stockl, Erhad DWP 30
Tanaka, John DWP 31
Traylor, Manuel DWP 33
Washington, Johnnye N/D N/D
Williams, Melvin DWP 31
Wilson, Jack DWP 44
Wong, Frankie Public Works 31
Woods, Kenneth DWP 28
Wyatt, Harold N/D N/D

N/D = not disclosed