Life’s Important Moments: In Memoriam Sept. 2020

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In Memoriam

Our thoughts and condolences are with the family and friends of the following current and retired City employees who have passed away. The number after the name indicates years of service.

Active (name, dept., years of service)
Barahona, Santos Airports 16
Barrera, Ranferi Rec and Parks 12
Carpenter, Kevino DWP 1
Carter, Aldridge General Services 19
Cuevas, Lourdes Transportation 20
Fawehinmi, Charles LAPD 11
McAdoo, Erica LAPD 11
Nash, William Rec and Parks 3
Pinon, Jaime General Services 18
Powell, Larry Airports 20
Takizawa, Thomas Rec and Parks 2

Retired (name, dept., years of service)

Alvarado, Joseph LAPD 23
Aoki, Henry DWP 30
Atkinson, James N/D N/D
Barta, James N/D N/D
Bernson, Harold Council 25
Bourne, Ronald DWP 27
Caprio, Nita Airports 28
Chavez, Refugio Rec and Parks 28
Childers, Jeffrey DWP 36
Conerly, Michael Airports 30
Connolly, Daniel DWP 33
Croudy, Ronald N/D N/D
Cruz, Jess Harbor 31
Darensbourg, Simon DWP 30
Gallegos, Ernest General Services 35
Garcia, Raymond N/D N/D
Garcia, William N/D N/D
Gonzales, Gilbert N/D N/D
Green, Betty N/D N/D
Hoffman, Jonni City Attorney 33
Hooker, Levertis ITA 26
Jaskowiak, Peter DWP 29
Kittner, Robert DWP 9
Kleindienst, David DWP 32
Kobayashi, Natsuko ITA 36
Kopernik, John DWP 25
Kozai, Toshiaki N/D N/D
Kroll, Robert N/D N/D
Landis, Robert DWP 34
Laros, James DWP 30
Long, Sandra Transportation 17
Lopez, George Public Works 21
Lubag, Reynaldo N/D N/D
Luistro, Leonisa EWDD 21
Madrid, John Public Works 20

Manson, Donald Transportation 34
McRavy, Nancy N/D N/D
Mooney, Frances LACERS 26
Morales, Manuel N/D N/D
Napolitana, Sylvia DWP 31
Noguera, Frank N/D N/D
O’Brien, Michael Planning 30
Overton, Bernell N/D N/D
Pilkington, Alice N/D N/D
Piper, Barbara DWP 31
Pires, Peter Rec and Parks 29
Potts, Viola Airports 17
Quevado, Irene DWP 31
Reynolds, Neal DWP 32
Rivas, Joseph LAFD 34
Sanquist, Elizabeth LAPD 24
Sato, Ichiro DWP 16
Schnaar, Betty Library 13
Scott, Kathleen Library 25
Smith, Arthur General Services 30
Stone, Willard N/D N/D
Teter, Melvin DWP 28
Tobin, John N/D N/D
Thornberry, Donna DWP 27
Tucker, Grady N/D N/D
Umekubo, Tsutomu DWP 30
Vignes, Doris N/D N/D
Weaver, JW Public Works 15
Wellnitz, Thomas General Services 23
White, Arthur Public Works 36
Williams, Coretta Finance 30
Wong, Gary DWP 30
Wullner, Edwin N/D N/D
Zuniga, Eric DWP 19

N/D = not disclosed