Life’s Important Moments: In Memoriam August 2020

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In Memoriam

Our thoughts and condolences are with the family and friends of the following current and retired City employees who have passed away. The number after the name indicates years of service.

Active (name, dept., years of service)
Alviso, Mariflor General Services 31
Baber, Saida Airports 11
Barajas, Guillermo DWP 9
Bush, Milton Public Works 14
Glenn, Anthony Public Works 24
Gomez, Alberto Airports 20
Lau, Ronald Public Works 32
Oshon, Melford Public Works 38
Perez, Armando ITA 21

Retired (name, dept., years of service)

Adams, Abel DWP 28
Aubry, Norman Public Works 36
Baker, Bertha General Services 32
Beasley, Inez N/D N/D
Benjamin, Donald N/D N/D
Boxley, Florence N/D N/D
Bozigian, Carol DWP 31
Bustamante, Phillip DWP 43
Cervantes, Joe N/D N/D
Colin, Lenwood DWP 28
Crerar, Bruce DWP 19
Davis, Thelma N/D N/D
Easterly, Clyde N/D N/D
Ehrart-Morrison, Dorothy N/D N/D
Eifert, James DWP 40
El Fadly, AA Public Works 29
Friedman, George DWP 35
Froman, Benjamin N/D N/D
Gail Jr., George DWP 33
Garcia, Andrew N/D N/D
Glickman, Barry Council 7
Gomez, Henry N/D N/D
Green, George Bldg. & Safety 30
Griffiths, Dale Fire/Police Pensions 36
Harris, Johnny Public Works 27
Hashimura, Gary DWP 28
Hawkins, Richard Transportation 46
Hodgson, Charles Public Works 23
Hollingsworth, Brent DWP 30
Jackson, Charles N/D N/D
Jackson, James N/D N/D
Jackson, Natalie LAPD 29
Jedkins, William DWP 38
Kauf, Ann DWP 22
Kibbe, Bruce DWP 26

Korte, Klaus N/D N/D
Koury, George Harbor 14
Langer, Janice N/D N/D
Lau, Ronald Public Works 32
Lew, Arline DWP 28
Liao, Hsueh DWP 18
Lugo, Johnny Public Works 32
McCready, Richard Public Works 36
Melby, Charles Rec and Parks 26
Mendoza, Leonor General Services 23
Naumann, Franklin N/D N/D
Okazaki, Shizue DWP 22
Ortiz, Sylvia DWP 39
Ota, Nobuso DWP 24
Pulver, Betty N/D N/D
Railback, June N/D N/D
Ranu, Harmel DWP 28
Saiza, Ralph N/D N/D
Sanders, Robert N/D N/D
Satullo, Mary Ann N/D N/D
Sayegh, Theodore DWP 15
Shepherd, Eric Personnel 14
Silverii, Robert DWP 22
Skaggs, Richard DWP 30
Smith, Oscar Airports 43
Sweet, Diane Personnel 15
Tanaka, Fred N/D N/D
Uyehara, Dennis DWP 26
Villa, Maria Transportation 9
Wasdorp, Robert DWP 36
Waugh, Kenneth DWP 33
Westmoreland, James Airports 23
Wyant, Marcella Airports 29
Yamaguchi, Dorothy DWP 18
Zubiate, Richard DWP 36

N/D = not disclosed