Life’s Important Moments: In Memoriam Nov. 2019

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In Memoriam

Our thoughts and condolences are with the family and friends of the following current and retired City employees who have passed away. The number after the name indicates years of service.

Active (years of service)
Alferes, Kevin Public Works 3
Ileto, Raquel Controller’s Office 18
Lertzman, Eric Jack City Attorney 13
Pacificar, Teresita Finance 30

Retired (years of service)
Abraham, Richard DWP 21
Abutal, Tomas DWP 24
Auten Jr., Frank DWP 31
Baker, John DWP 35
Baltazar, Consuelo N/D N/D
Barnes, David Public Works 19
Bhudhikanok, Bill Public Works 28
Bogar, Leroy Public Works 9
Bowlin, Marilyn N/D N/D
Burks, Otis N/D N/D
Broge, Helen DWP 22
Calipes, Cesar N/D N/D
Chandler, Maedel Transportation 11
Collins, Edward N/D N/D
Connor, Homer N/D N/D
Copeland, Fred N/D N/D
Cordova, Robert DWP 33
Cuaresma, Lawrence Public Works 33
Cwiakala, Robert DWP 28
Dancy, Roberto Public Works 21
Espinosa, Floyd N/D N/D
Fung, Parky El Pueblo 10
Franklin, Ada DWP 38
Gadlin, Vivian DWP 33
Gant, Larry DWP 24
Garland, Danial N/D N/D
Goudlock, Ellen Personnel 29
Green, Lawrence DWP 33
Green, Raymond N/D N/D
Gutierrez, Theodore Public Works 10
Hall, Edith DWP 28
Hartsfield, William Transportation 27
Henry, James DWP 32
Holmes, John N/D N/D
Kitchen, L.C. DWP 26
Kobayashi, Taketo Public Works 19
Lee, Marie N/D N/D
Lodato, Nick DWP 20
Lopez, Linda LAPD 26
Martinez, Jesus N/D N/D
Martinez, Socorro DWP 34
Matsuura, Lucy DWP 42
Mauricio, Fruto N/D N/D
Miles, Catherine ITA 20
Moore, Flora N/D N/D
Morales, Frank N/D N/D
Morales, Larry Public Works 38
Oakley, Richard DWP 23
Ortiz, Martha N/D N/D
Payne, Johnny DWP 26
Roche, Richard N/D N/D
Romero, Richard N/D N/D
Stephan, Vernon N/D N/D
Stinnett, Byron LAPD 25
Toy, Henry N/D N/D
Villacorte, Gil Econ/Wrkfc Dev. 30
Wasco Jr., Michael DWP 33
White, Calvert DWP 22
Wigler, Melvin Convention Ctr 43
Wollam, Harold DWP 28
Wright, Dorothy N/D N/D
Wright, Ricardo General Services 35
Zamora, Frank N/D N/D
Zinger, Charles DWP 33

N/D = not disclosed