Life’s Important Moments: In Memoriam – September

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In Memoriam

Our thoughts and condolences are with the family and friends of the following current and retired City employees who have passed away. The number after the name indicates years of service.

Active (years of service)
Cerulle, Joseph Transportation 29
Escamilla, Richard DWP 4
Graham, Bradley Building and Safety 15
Quemada, Yolanda DWP 44
Robinson, Shakira Housing 1
Rocha, Chrystal LAPD 3
Rondez, Julius DWP 34
Tamayo, Martha LAPD 18

Retired (years of service)
Abundis, Robert Public Works 40
Atkin, Floyd Public Works 20
Becken, Luella DWP 29
Blair, Alvon Airports 35
Blanco, Gilbert N/D N/D
Carpenter, Gordon Transportation 34
Cates, Diana DWP 23
Chang, Pyong Rec and Parks 25
Cornelius, Eric N/D N/D
Cuellar, Herman DWP 34
Duffy, Michael Airports 22
Ennis, Patrick DWP 25
Espinosa, Ricardo DWP 31
Esquero, Gilbert Airports 23
Fischer, Harvey N/D N/D
Frazer, Charles DWP 31
Furst, Edith DWP 17
Gordon, Sheryl DWP 27
Greer, James DWP 40
Helfrich, Harry DWP 32
Hidalgo, Charmaine N/D N/D
Ivison, Robert N/D N/D
Jackson, Arnell N/D N/D
Jefferson, Roy ITA 23
Jones, Willie DWP 25
Layton, Ronald General Services 34
Lukasiak, Stephanie N/D N/D
Marshall, Kathy Public Works 15
McAlpin, Cleophas DWP 27
Montoya, Faye N/D N/D
Murakami, Yukio N/D N/D
Olguin, Albert Public Works 33
Palmersheim, Charles DWP 36
Payne, Robert N/D N/D
Peterson, Elmer N/D N/D
Pfann, Susan City Attorney 34
Platte, William N/D N/D
Poticar, Pablo DWP 27
Reeser, Merle N/D N/D
Romero, Jose Airports 10
Ronquillo, Ramon Public Works 12
Schindler, Michael DWP 22
Swenson, Randall DWP 20
Tellez, Hector N/D N/D
Toscano, Dolores DWP 20
White, Robert N/D N/D
Whitney, John DWP 23
Williams, Lee DWP 30
Wise, Albert N/D N/D
Yu, Young City Attorney 15

N/D = not disclosed